groggy in a sentence

Example sentences for groggy

He looked groggy as he walked gingerly to the dugout and then to the clubhouse to get examined.
About three feet from me was a lobster on display, on a bed of ice, too groggy to escape.
Maybe, but there are good reasons why the groggy greenback may stay on its feet.
Once awakened, groggy concertgoers are escorted to the door.
It may be that those who awake groggy choose not to siesta in the first place.
He thinks he played football in a groggy state a few times.
It may be that those who have a tendency to wake up groggy are choosing not to siesta in the first place.
On the other hand, if the economy overheats, a new wave of bad loans would further weaken an already groggy financial system.
He said she was groggy from medication but was in good condition.
Family-controlled companies with solid industrial brands but groggy leadership are the main quarry.
M was still groggy and feeble, unable to feed himself and prone to choking on his own saliva.
But dawn, when it finally arrives, finds her groggy and sore and strapped with the same familiar burdens.
Afterward you feel sluggish and glutted, groggy and numb.
Nominees, meanwhile, were their usual mix of groggy and gracious.
Nominees were their usual groggy yet gracious selves.
Groggy with ether, nauseous with the rocking of the boat, he could dimly feel that weights had been attached to his legs.
Instead, set the alarm a few minutes early and wallow in your groggy thoughts.
The hospital said he was groggy, and had been visited by family.
When a fire happens, especially at night, you will be groggy you will be afraid.
Because of the sedatives you may have received, you may feel groggy for several hours.
He was confused, disoriented, and groggy as he struggled to rouse himself from a deep sleep.
Instead, she appeared groggy and could not stand up on her own.
Sleep medicines can also help treat insomnia, but these medicines may make you feel groggy after you wake up.
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