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And then there's all the food that gets tossed from restaurants and groceries.
They got milk from a neighboring dairy and groceries from the food co-op.
Do your part to keep food safe when bagging groceries.
After he had gone things began to arrive at our house, groceries and such things.
Organized charity might, and indeed did, provide groceries on the instalment plan.
Fliers advertising baskets of matsutake or chanterelles fill the community bulletin boards at organic groceries across the state.
Once upon a time, groceries made the journey between stores and consumers' cupboards wearing little more than a paper bag.
To my amazement, they routinely offered to carry my groceries to the car.
More people are shopping, more businesses are opening, and nobody has to take buses anymore to get a bag of groceries.
Groceries weren't always displayed on such orderly, open-access shelving.
They can look at a list of groceries and see shopping instructions.
Swapping foods out of such wraps once the groceries are at home is advisable.
They have groceries to buy, kids to take care of, and cars to keep running.
But right now, grad school does not pay my bills or buy my groceries.
All of them did their routine errands in four hours, once a week, in the same shopping center where they bought groceries.
They cannot be expected to buy groceries when they are on sale because a potential employer might see them clipping coupons.
They get groceries, cook dinner, take their kids to school.
When they went shopping they bought groceries and supplies in mill-owned stores.
Each thoughtful room also has a refrigerator in case parents choose to bring their own groceries.
So a simple task such as putting away groceries can become quite complicated.
It also follows for crossing the street to buy groceries.
There is no room for wine nor all of the groceries in our tiny under counter fridge, so they are kept on the fire escape.
Lasers have become ubiquitous: they read the prices of our groceries, play our compact discs, and even clean our clogged arteries.
They'll take your kids to the soccer game, tell you when to get up in the morning, and help pick out groceries.
Forcing consumers to pay a few extra dollars for their groceries or household goods was worthwhile if it was a means to this end.
Forty dollars buys a tank of gas or a fridge and pantry full of groceries.
Three or four times a week, a flatbed truck rumbled up the hill to sell basic groceries.
There are stores selling groceries and electronics, as well as sidewalk.
Goldman naturally wanted his customers to visit more frequently and to buy more groceries.
We slotted in a six-foot stepladder, gobs of groceries, and various other whatnots with no trouble.
He had a lot to learn-how to live on his own, how to use public transportation, how to shop for groceries.
The truck is filled with groceries, which are too valuable to leave unattended.
They shop for groceries and take their children to baseball practice.
As incomes rise, more shoppers will opt to drive to large, air-conditioned stores and load up on groceries.
And if they live here, they are spending yet more money on everything from groceries to utilities to property taxes.
Consumer demand for groceries is pretty consistent, whatever the economic conditions.
Its strategy is to sell staples, from groceries to consumer electronics, cheaply and well.
It lets them pay for groceries with reward points and impose spending limits on kids with supplemental cards.
The supermarkets are taking an increasing proportion of consumer spending-and on a lot of things beside groceries.
Two trading posts are on the property where guests can stock up on groceries, souvenirs and toiletries, as well as rent videos.
Not much room for the groceries, either, unless you want to put them on the seat next to you.
Restrooms, showers and laundry facilities are available, and a camp store on the property sells groceries and firewood.
The grocery tax credit offsets the sales tax on groceries.
Most paper bags are designed for heavy loads and have burst strengths which easily handle a typical load of groceries.
Everyone likes bargains, everyone has to buy groceries.
Groceries and general supplies including gasoline, motor oil and diesel fuel.
Now the company is looking into delivering groceries too.
She called police and started putting her groceries away when the boys came back, shouting obscenities and lobbing bricks.

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