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Or a grocer's glove with sensors that integrate temperature, smell and vision to determine if produce has gone bad.
In buying flour, whether bread or pastry, select the best kept by your grocer.
For those out shopping, cantaloupes currently available at your neighborhood grocer should be safe.
It's time for grocer's shelves and displays to trumpet brands that offer less calories and a better balance of nutrition.
At he grocer's he can't sell anything because the pension owner owes the grocer money.
The system would not supply food directly, but would instead top up credit at the patient's grocer using an automatic link.
The middlemen between the farmer and the grocer make the lion's share of the profits.
Opponents claim the grocer-turned-president is becoming increasingly authoritarian and arbitrary.
Get them at the bakery or in the grocer's baking section.
My hair got so bad that the local grocer even said that my hair was starting to look a bit crazy.
However, the grocer's distinctions have almost nothing to do with plant biology.

Famous quotes containing the word grocer

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A grocer is attracted to his business by a magnetic force as great as the repulsion which renders it odious... more
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