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Example sentences for groaning

He stands between shelves groaning with tea pitchers and homemade pies.
Our conversation domination mostly takes the form of groaning.
Groaning and clawing, neck twisted, white head scraping against the rock.
One of the hunters was bent over and groaning, and he started to wave me over to him, pointing to his nose.
It is as if the mountains themselves are groaning under the weight of their icy loads and they shift to ease their burdens.
The strong old tree was groaning behind such weight.
But what was more remarkable was the sound--a low-pitched groaning accompanying the sound of rushing water.
But the word itself is groaning under the weight of multiple meanings.
Small- and medium-sized businesses are groaning under the weight of their health care costs.
Small- and medium- sized businesses are groaning under the weight of their health care costs.
Groaning and knocking the heavy suitcase against corners, he returned to his counter.
If you're a devotee of any other browser, you're probably groaning yourself silly right now, and with good reason.
And after years of heaving and groaning, a new policy seems to be arriving.
All of us are groaning about the mushy apples, the watery tomatoes, and the tired old fish.
Uncle hubert was a spare eater, and the sight of those groaning tables thrice daily made him uneasy.
Its modest shops are groaning with food and goods of all types.
Here, stalls are bursting with plump vegetables and groaning with stacks of fresh meat.
The burden of groaning debts has been eased by surging profits.
To clear their groaning shelves, manufacturers thus cut production by more than the drop in sales.
National public accounts will end up groaning under the weight of public debt.
Carmakers may be groaning but consumers are cheering: there has rarely been a better time to buy a car.
Teachers are groaning under piles of silly paperwork.
And it is unlikely to end soon: the commercial property market is groaning and swine flu is sure to cause jitters.
However sensible in themselves, they have needlessly complicated a negotiating agenda already groaning under its own weight.
The mighty civil service is to be trimmed and streamlined, to cut the government's groaning budget deficit.
There were trucks groaning outside the clubhouse, and hammers banging near one of the tents.
It folly were a pain, there would be groaning in every house.
For it was groaning, broken by sobs and gasps of anguish.
With both his hands he clutched the dust and ashes and showered them on his gray head, with ceaseless groaning.
The groaning rose to a shriek, and the little flame jumped in a panic, and nearly left its white column.
It was wailing and laughing, sobbing and groaning, and ever and again it shouted.
Groaning with theoretical pain, they are rushed to a city hospital, the head physician of which is in league with the gang leader.
No matter which of the four finalists wins, there is likely to be some moaning and groaning.
Enough with the grunting and groaning at the gym already.
Its steel-hooped sides girded against the groaning wooden racks.
The densest concentration of fine restaurants in the world, and the biggest all-you-can-eat groaning boards.
In one corner loomed the holiday table, groaning with poultry, pie and mashed potatoes.
If your joints are groaning loudly these days, go ahead and blame the cold weather.
We left groaning from all that beautifully presented, superb food.
However, people have heard earthquake sounds outside, and that seems to have to do with the groaning of the ground.
The unsuspecting officer heard groaning from a corner and proceeded cautiously until he spied a spectral figure.
MacDowell stretches meter and duration to grandly depict the groaning sea.
He was so roughly handled that he was afterwards found about one hundred paces from the place, half dead and groaning fearfully.
It was creaking, groaning and starting a heavy dribble of rock, slate and clay.

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