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Example sentences for grizzled

The seasoned soldiers were as surprised as the grizzled reporter.
Naturally, even these grizzled veterans allow that some things have changed for the better.
Grizzled gray or orangish gray above, with buff underparts.
But even this grizzled veteran thinks the tipping point for personalised medical devices has arrived, for three reasons.
Brown bears are often called grizzly bears because the tips of the hair on many of them is grayish, or grizzled.
He has played so many grizzled cowboys he now seems to live in the role.
The common name of the genus refers to their elegant fur, which in this species is grizzled with long white hairs.
He had grizzled hair, and a certain uneasy, half-furtive look about the eyes.
They're the economic equivalent of a macroeconomic lecture from a grizzled senior professor.
His best-known characterization was as a grizzled, paintbrush-mustached old codger.
Grizzled advisers, veterans of many past contests, sit around the table.
The fur is long, coarse, grizzled brown-grayish or blackish.
Most are grizzled gray or brown to reddish gray with buff under-parts.
The coat is grizzled with blackish or dark brownish hairs, interspersed with buffy or grayish hairs.
The colors will actually range from buff, tan, and yellowish-grey to grizzled.
They have broad tails, coarse, grizzled fur and short ears.
Coloration of their upper-parts appears grizzled as a result of multi-colored guard hairs.
The gray fox has a grizzled gray back with rusty yellow on the throat, sides, feet and legs.
The raccoons pelt is generally grayish sprinkled with blackish buff, giving the raccoons coat a grizzled appearance.
The upper body is a grizzled gray or buff, with a reddish brown or gray muzzle.
It is grizzled brownish-gray above, lighter underneath, with long coarse hair and a softer underfur.
The coat varies from a deep reddish brown to a grizzled, gray color.
The upper body is grizzled gray or buff, with a reddish brown or gray muzzle.
The face, neck and shoulders may have a lighter grizzled gray appearance.
Fisher is larger, dark brown with grizzled head and back.
The color of their body is a grizzled brownish gray.
The general coloration of a gray fox is a strikingly beautiful grizzled gray that appears on the face, sides and tail.
Old, grizzled anglers claim they can smell when the bluegill spawn in a pond.
Its coloration is grizzled gray on top, with a white throat extending underneath.
The fisher is dark brown, with a grizzled appearance caused by white bands on the guard hairs.
They have broad tails,coarse, grizzled fur and short ears.

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