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She will be gripping a stone tool and lumbering along with a dead antelope on her back.
Yet a gripping performance on a screen may be preferable to a live teacher of doubtful competence.
First-warning, plot spoiler-the story itself is simple but gripping and unfolds with perfect timing.
The ants connect by gripping each others' mandibles and claws.
But improved technologies for vision processing and gripping are leading to a new wave of robots.
Halo avoided that pitfall thanks to a gripping storyline, excellent graphics and sound, and innovative game play.
And to give him his due, it's certainly a gripping read.
With lyrical descriptions of landscape and terse, unpunctuated dialogue, a distinctive voice powered a gripping story.
It has an ambitious president, who was elected following a long, gripping national campaign.
By turn entertaining and funny examinations of the day-to-day work of policemen, they are also gripping and complex thrillers.
Humans share this gripping trait with other primates, because all primates evolved from a common ancestor.
The world of genetics is filled with stories that are as gripping as the plot of any thriller.
The leopard came out on top, as you can see in the gripping images here.
It is consistently gripping, often chilling, and frankly impossible to stop reading after the segment about her brother.
Activating the gripping action doesn't required any wires, batteries, or remote controls.
German doctors recently solved a gripping medical mystery.
The bill-gripping rollers will have to be adjusted because euros will be printed on heavier paper.
With electric cars on the way, you'd think a certain amount of panic gripping the motor oil divisions of big oil companies.
It's an extraordinary book-gripping, deeply moving, encyclopedic.
He is gripping a gigantic fountain pen that he is using as a lightning rod.
The movie may be semi-incoherent, but it's still gripping.
The book's action takes place as a gripping series of events that illustrate each of the cases.
Your book is so illustrative and gripping partly because you are a character in it.
The only thing that still caught her eye was an old blackbird gripping the branch of th e plane tree outside her wIndow.
It effectively filters out extraneous noise, including random sounds from your hands' gripping the housing.
Rubber trim and bottom are excellent for gripping and setting on slippery surfaces.
Suckers on a squid's tentacles may be teethed for better gripping.
It was gripping, entertaining and worth the money spent.
The story is gripping, the acting competent, the message compelling--and yet.
In another unpublished shot from our archives, he stands between the tusks, gripping a shovel.
Such gripping tales go hand in hand with the vast amount of dramatic video footage that has made its way online.
Boa constrictors live mostly on the ground, but they can climb trees by gripping branches with their tails.
The raid made for gripping television, but it soon became clear that the phone calls were a hoax.
The shell bottom is rounded, improving its holding power by increasing the amount of surface area gripping the rope.
But this exploration of the desire for desire, an intrinsically gripping theme, is about an inch deep.
Sometimes there is nothing more gripping than the mundane.
Neurology is gripping in proportion as it is foreign.
Philosophers are divided on the question of whether the narrative therein unfolded is grippingly boring or boringly gripping.
He lets the facts speak, and the result is gripping.
The story is more gripping and the characters more finely drawn.
Homeland-Showtime's latest original series, which premiered last night-is a gripping, intelligent thriller with a lot to say.
Nearby, teenagers snapped cell phone photos of their friends, striking hooligan poses while gripping homemade gas bombs.
At that time, there was little excitement gripping housing market.
Some nights after dinner, she crawls through the house on her hands and knees, gripping the carpet with her fingernails.
Woven together, these images make gripping packages that can be aired again and again.
It is an intoxicating, gripping, inspirational evening.
Her gripping story will indeed ensure you never forget.
Confusing plot, but audiences still find it gripping.
He had a wistful look, the collected melancholia of his political ending suddenly gripping him.

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