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About a century ago, a new craze gripped the country's health conscious: mastication.
There did come a time in my life when boredom and fatigue gripped my whole life.
Our tools froze until the hands that gripped them were scarred as if by red-hot spits.
He gripped his knees and turned to look at me again.
His throat was gripped by invisible fingers, and he left his hold on the handle to defend himself.
The thought that had come into his mind gripped him terribly.
The hand of the bandaged arm gripped his shoulder, and he was suddenly tripped and flung backwards upon the bed.
He began to cry and reaching down picked up a small stick, which he held tightly gripped in his fingers.
He gripped me by the arm, and the others crowded round.
Forty-eight million years ago, some ants marched up to a leaf and gripped it tight in their jaws.
In their deaths, the ants gripped the leaves in their jaws while the fungus fatally erupted from their heads.
One scientist gently gripped a warbler and measured its wings.
And once loaded, the belt gripped the hips with a particularly gentle touch, despite chintzy plastic load-bearing reinforcement.
The search became national news and gripped the imagination of the blogosphere.
To be gripped by a story, especially one that is trawled from the past, is everything.
He rested that way for ten min- utes or so, then gripped the rim of the buoy and hoisted himself up onto it.
The spacecraft come together, only to be gripped in a moment of unexpected motion.
Suddenly something gripped her leg, jolting her out of her blissful, drooling state.
Agha gripped the wheel with both hands, twisting to avoid the biggest rocks.
We are not immune to such troubles that have gripped every corner of the nation.
Questions about where technology comes from, and where it might go, have long gripped historians.
At this time, deflation hasn't gripped the nation, but inflation is quite low.
It should help to avoid some panic that might have gripped the market when a giant firm is on the brink of failure.
What a lousy time for the leaders of the world's economic powerhouses to be gripped by political weakness.
On the path back to the cemetery quirks of landscape gripped my imagination.
Her sturdy hands gripped two bulging bags of produce, and she panted from the weight of the food.
The dairy industry on a whole has been gripped by some pretty tough times.
Reviewers declare themselves gripped, charmed, and persuaded.
If you followed the market back then, you remember the insane volatility that gripped stocks.
Amid the stagnation, a singular energy gripped education.
Marc smiled, gripped tight the reins of his white plastic horse.
She gripped my arm in fear while urging me not to offer a rebuttal to one of them who had come inside to speak.
While the minority white population is gripped with fear and uncertainty.
She gripped the edge of the sliding door and shoved it in and out until the ice began to crack.
Since then, widespread and escalating crime has gripped the country.
Yet people were never gripped by his paintings and sculptures because they looked tentative, fragmentary, and uncompleted.
He gazed a long while at that sad place with its spell broken, and was gripped by an immense, immense sadness.
All of the signs are there, if one is gripped with the contagion of fear.
What's more, the city was gripped by a fiscal crisis of astounding proportion.
The question gripped the minister's full attention-the idea of sending the painting caught his fancy.
Notably, a speculative craze has gripped the market for caterpillar fungus.
The country, it is said, is gripped by criminal anarchy.
But it is gripped by price wars between the mostly local brands that dominate sales.
There is nothing new in society being gripped by anxiety about the present and pessimism about the future.
But in the past few months it has narrowed to next to nothing as the clampdown on imports has gripped.
That's my contribution to the debate that has gripped our nation.
We face unprecedented challenges in responding to the financial crisis that has gripped our economy for the past year.
Pry up edge of first shingle until edges can be gripped by hand.
See how this music had an enormous effect on breaking the oppression that gripped our nation.
In his right hand he held a spear point, while his left hand gripped a hammer resting on an anvil.

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