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Example sentences for gripe

Companies gripe that the strong yen may push them to move operations overseas.
What inveterate wearers sometimes gripe about is the niggling pain felt when forced to walk with their feet flat.
It appeared on the list in the fourth spot, between treachery and gripe.
One big gripe people have about hybrids is they cost a few grand more than similar conventional models.
But far be it from me to use this pulpit to lodge a petty personal gripe.
Our correspondents in this group have no real comment on our articles but want to gripe about something.
And they gripe about the clone troopers' aggressive tactics.
Haters might get a bit more traction with the gripe that official stores still don't carry every track ever recorded.
Administration officials gripe about other administration officials.
My gripe is not only about student's expectations but the administration's expectations in the community college environment.
But our biggest gripe with this cooktop actually is compatibility.
If you can back up those fails with reasonable evidence, he shouldn't have a gripe and you should be fine.
The amazing part about this gripe is that it could be easily remedied.
You're ignoring substantive evidence of a national problem to gripe about the style of the post.
But my gripe with the economist is not about the topic it wrote about, its about the fact that it lied for more sympathy perhaps.
People wouldn't gripe about new surcharges and would be happy with discounts.
Also, voting give you the right to gripe about the results.
And yet you still gripe about the quality of the models.
My biggest gripe with shows about the cosmos is the incredibly boring narrators that are often used.
It will be referenced and used by everyone who has a gripe about it causing even more uncertainty amongst the populace.
Some gripe that high commodity prices are of little benefit to those who forward-sold their crops.
My biggest gripe is that such distractions distract others.
It is not unusual for musicians to gripe about their music director, particularly after a long marriage.
Many drivers gripe that the jams are made worse by the traffic inspectors, who stand at every major intersection.
My original gripe with the plan was that it wouldn't have done enough to prevent another meltdown.
Vets still gripe about wading through red tape for treatment.
Other users seem to have a myriad of issues to gripe about it too.

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Jerry: She's one of those third-year girls that gripe my liver. Milo: Third-year girls? Jerry: Yeah, you kn... more
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