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Keep your grip on the ball and hold your wrist naturally.
Some males embrace females with spiny claspers in a viselike grip that causes damage.
He managed eventually to get hold of power and then-a deft manipulator of people and situations-he gradually tightened his grip.
One day the ruling ayatollahs will lose their deadening grip on power.
Think of humans trying to walk on ice-they don't break through, but their feet can't get a grip.
The powdered sugar makes the mites lose their grip and fall off the bees.
Finally, and the feature that gives this range of cookware its name, is the good grip.
Really getting a grip on the present state of conventional wisdom can be tricky.
Family doctors are being asked to get a grip on hospital spending.
If a gecko loses its grip and falls, the tail can help it land safely.
These tarsal claws are used to grip the tiny irregularities on rough surfaces.
Nonetheless, it retains a grip on our imaginations and emotions quite unlike any other ancient site.
But whichever kind of writing utensil you choose, be sure that you can grip it comfortably.
They provide friction, so the vehicle can grip the road, but some of the power supplied to the tyres is lost as heat.
Howler monkeys have prehensile tails, or tails that can grip.
Getting a grip on greenhouse gases is daunting but doable.
And if you've got a sure grip and a strong back, you might even try your hand at milking.
Theoretically, this type of grip could be applied to many different weapons in the future.
They provide friction, so that the vehicle can grip the road, but some of the power supplied to the tyres is then lost as heat.
The monkeys use their tails as a fifth limb to grip branches.
For half a century, lithium salts have saved thousands from the potentially lethal grip of bipolar disorder.
As a result, nobody has a firm grip on the total jaguar population.
The cold grip of its repulsive gravity is strangling the formation of large cosmic structures.
The robotic hand's grip depends on the extent of pressure of the air.
No amount of twisting or tugging would loosen its grip on his foot.
Yet six months on, her grip is weakening and her popularity has fallen.
We are being released from the deserting grip of winter.
People of the world, get a grip and hook into the benefits of science and engineering.
Then have them try again, this time without using their thumb to grip the pencil.
Please get a grip on yourself and stick to the facts in hand.
One way to get a grip on this seemingly ineffable property would be to build a conscious machine.
Though daylight lingers longer this time of year, winter's grip remains strong, and many critters' food stores are running low.
Along the outsole you'll find a high grip traction profile that holds well on damp and dry surfaces.
Sometimes a gecko loses its grip completely and falls.
Fur grows even on the bottom of a bear's paws, protecting against cold and providing a good grip on ice.
They are relatives of goats, and have balance-aiding split hooves and rough hoof bottoms for natural grip.
They are adhesive pads that attach right around the back of the heel and give enough grip to keep the heel from slipping.
Get a grip on warm poolside fun with this stable, practical and highly fashionable flip-flop.
The movie tells the story of a curse that befalls people who die in the grip of a powerful rage.
The polypropylene water-bottle has a slim waist covered in a silicone grip.
To combat the fat, health professionals say that the country must first realise that it is indeed in the grip of an epidemic.
For example, typing on a keyboard is possible when users lock their grip around a pencil.
They bind the host tree in a grip so tight that it may eventually die.
On the face of it, these two chains have an iron grip on two large areas of retailing.
Such a precision grip can only be achieved by humans and some apes.
The one which pushes down is the used by cars to get better grip.
Get a grip on reality and learn to live within our means, or prepare to abandon humanity to untold suffering.
Locked into place, the couplers formed a viselike grip virtually unbreakable until released.
So grip the tip in one hand, about an inch from the end.
Parachutes are necessary to help slow cars on the slippery salt, which has only about half the grip of asphalt.
The strength of the signal changes with the strength of the grip.
These animals use their hands and feet to grip objects and climb trees.
Nothing yet has shaken the government's grip on power-or the fear and paranoia it inspires.
Grip the bottle's neck with your other hand to act as a fulcrum.
Sheila has thoughtfully put a grip pattern on the sole, too, for slip free pedal control.
Soon after, the snakes loosened their grip, then let go.
But when it comes to students and colleagues, get a grip.
Fur even grows on the bottom of their paws, which protects against cold surfaces and provides a good grip on ice.
For instance, low air pressure lightens the grip, and higher air pressure makes it firmer.
As soon as she had a grip, they glided toward the race lanes.
As climate change tightens its grip on the world, scientists predict more extreme drought and flooding events.
Despite its shifting fortunes, manned space exploration still retains a viselike grip on the human imagination.
Tempting as it is to reply to you in kind, it would be cruel to do so to one with such a fragile grip on logic.
Broadcast networks are slowly loosening their grip on their content, allowing more of it to be shown online.
People seem to be overly enamored with the idea of robots to the point of losing a grip on reality here.
Owing to this bounty, the areas above the shale are now in the grip of an unprecedented gas-drilling boom.
But by definition, revisiting the experience can be frightening, and people often become locked in the grip of intense anxiety.
The waxy plates clog the insect's feet and prevent them from gaining a grip.
Astronauts have special boots to make them heavier and to have better grip.
It's true that many mammals have pads on their hands and feet that add friction to their grip.
We are losing our grip on the moon to the tune of about an inch per year.
Understand that isolation will not break the junta's grip on its long-suffering people.
On foreign-policy is- sues, however, they seem to lose their grip on the mundane and go into an uneasy existential wobble.
What it wants is an explanation, which you feel will free you in some way-if only from the grip of your ferocious waiting.
They shake his hand-fingers poking through the protective netting-without quite getting a firm grip.
The shattering of an illusion, or the grip of a prejudice, is not enough to give someone standing in court.
And it was the look in their eyes that made me lose my grip and let his body drop onto the carpet.
Operators can also change the strength of the claw's grip.
If the claw has a weak grip, try knocking objects sideways into the prize chute.
As the protagonist loses his grip on reality, scenes are jumbled together and the art becomes sketchy and inconsistent.
Consequently those who are in the grip of millenarian apocalyptic fantasies tend to be lunatics or psychopaths.
For one thing, the lust for war had the public in its grip.
The economy has gone bad, but money shows no signs of loosening its grip.
Everyone hoped the epidemic had run its course, and that the kids had come to their senses and gotten a grip.
Wobbly grip makes it tough to negotiate tight corners.
Its grainy texture lets tiny, slippery fingers get a firm grip.
The clerk showed him the gun, and he handled the pistol grip admiringly.
The rubbery back panel has enough grip that you don't really need to clamp onto the thing while you're reading.
Unscrew it with a coin and you can replace with a bigger grip, or none at all.
If you are motivated, you can get a pretty good grip on the amounts and sources of money changing hands.
And it weakens the grip of the big companies on their users if people aren't mystified about what it takes to run a server.
He also dissolved parliament and tightened his grip on the press.
It kept a tight grip on the flow of capital across its borders.
These seven stories grip partly because they are long enough to immerse the reader totally.
But the prospect that it is losing its grip, perhaps even terminally, has now become a lot more credible.
They need a certain amount of weight in order to keep a tight grip on the rails.
Outside investors have benefited as the grip of insiders has loosened.
But sometimes, there was a trade-off: less road grip or durability.

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