grinned in a sentence

Example sentences for grinned

Though hobbled by strokes and blindness, he now grinned from ear to ear at the prospect of power.
They grinned and ordered from the shop next door, refusing to take our money.
But when she began to look about her, and to speak to me, he nodded his head and grinned several times.
She grinned and told me about the story described in this news report.
The pickup driver, who stood to one side smoking a cigarette, grinned.
The children shrugged, grinned, and continued to eat their dinner.
Realizing he had been noticed, he grinned and stretched.
They quickly regained their composure and apparently decided to roll with it, joining in the laughter as their father grinned.
He had a little drool at the corner of his mouth, and he turned to me and grinned from ear to ear.
And he grinned too and understood the wisdom of our madness.
He put his hand across his heart and grinned at the two of us.
When he grinned, his teeth appeared capable of biting through steel cable.
While the crowd cheered, my father grinned round at us.
The servants grinned broadly, enjoying the lunacy of the whites.
The driver rolled down his window, grinned then waved.
He grinned sheepishly, sighed with clear relief and closed his eyes, as if to better savor the catharsis of the moment.
The then-senator grinned as she showed him pictures of her signature bubble gum-pink bowling ball and posed for photographs.
She called us by all our names, and when she grinned she revealed two minute gold prongs clipped to her eyeteeth.
He strutted up to the plate, grinned, and gave a thumbs-up sign to the cheering crowd.
My local counterpart and the driver grinned and cheered.
Andy grinned again, and then laughed as she looked at him.
He grinned, then laughed and said something totally incomprehensible.
They grinned with pride at their parents and siblings, who attended the hearing.
He smiled and grinned frequently when it was inappropriate to the occasion or to his situation.
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