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Late, over budget, they are grinding and polishing the seams inside the omphalos.
It conquered my grinding self-consciousness, brought me out of myself.
Look for hidden bits of fresco, preserved mosaic flooring, and millstones for grinding grain back when business was booming.
And journalists are better witnesses than politician-participants grinding their ever-present axes.
For green tea, you steam it before grinding and drying it, which destroys an enzyme in the leaf that turns it brown.
He that will have a cake out of the wheat must needs tarry the grinding.
When he stroked her neck and talked to her she stopped grinding and gazed at him mournfully.
White pepper is made from the same berry, the outer husk being removed before grinding.
There was still no widespread and grinding poverty, and there were no colossal fortunes.
Electricity is mostly used in machine drives, for grinding and crushing, and to transport materials around facilities.
They built common rooms in the central settlement of each village for grinding shared stores of corn into flour.
The beauty of the universe is that it can hold disparate beliefs and by their endless grinding develop honed truths.
After a year of grinding through his studies, he was ready for some fun.
Yes, the poverty here is grinding and heartbreaking.
Discusses different ways of grinding and brewing coffee.
The band meshes futuristic, theatrical pop with frenetically grinding guitar noise.
And they were rebelling against a world that had sentenced them to grinding poverty.
Kellogg found that by steaming-rather than grinding-wheat and putting it through rollers, he could make wheat flakes.
Some had grinding teeth that show early evolutionary adaptations in mammals toward a vegetarian diet.
All the time a glacier is grinding down a mountain, it is also plucking rocks.
It is a bone-jarring ride as the vehicle lurches on its metal wheels, which make a grinding, popping sound.
Pups unable to reach open water to feed can be crushed between the grinding slabs.
Soy milk is made from soaking and grinding soybeans with water.
Blossom had been grinding chili in the kitchen when she was pressed into duty.
Instead, there's the grinding brutality of quasi-medieval life.
Beyond that, there is a slow grinding progress happening here, that should not be written off.
They, too, will be facing a grinding economic slowdown.
The system now is slow attrition, grinding them out of the industry.
It cannot be destroyed, except by grinding them to powder.
Readers whose teeth are not set on edge by the sound of grinding axes will enjoy it.
Grinding is a counter-culture mindset that has origins in cyberpunk and post-modern disenchantment with progress.
Another commonly practiced technique involved grinding away the specimen under examination, layer-by- layer.
Not only does alcohol provide energy, but its psychological boost is obvious when it comes to the grinding life of a farmer.
Grinding can be noisy enough at night to bother sleeping partners.
When you flex your knee, you may feel a grinding sensation below the kneecap.
But friends and fellow artists kept wanting to buy the paints he was hand grinding for himself.
The climate is so inhospitable that life is a grinding struggle for subsistence.
Loud, grinding fan drowns out those awesome speakers when laptop heats up.
There are no whirring and grinding gears with their numerous levers to confuse.
Then, after a brief pause, the sound of whirring and grinding clockwork could be heard coming from inside.
Any banking system would be challenged by anaemic growth, grinding deflation and interest rates close to zero.
The country is grinding forward, albeit with hiccups, towards democracy.
In many countries governments treat private-equity firms and hedge funds with either loathing or teeth-grinding tolerance.
Growth is helping hundreds of millions to escape grinding poverty.
The stickiness of house prices suggests the drag on consumer spending will be long and grinding, not sudden and sharp.
Without that, however, the periphery faces years of grinding contraction and painful reductions in real wages.
And as for the others, voters might well think that a mediocre job is better than grinding unemployment, as seen elsewhere.
Grinding poverty, it turns out, is pretty sustainable.
As often happens, there was some grinding of the gears.
Put simply, it's easier to recruit people to rebel armies when the alternative to grinding axes is grinding poverty.
My making it is a combination of grinding, grinding, grinding and being lucky enough to finally get a shot.

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