grinder in a sentence

Example sentences for grinder

He has already gotten a patent for his improved pepper grinder.
These were not the organ grinder with his monkey or a completely illiterate gangster.
Using a grinder attachment for a stand mixer, push all contents though grinder, including liquids.
In the future, a giant meat grinder will smash up books and electricity will put them in your brain.
He worked as a highly proficient grinder of lenses for telescopes and microscopes while pursuing his philosophical interests.
Well they can hold the meat grinder of life up to my face and push me through it.
Children can learn about the joys of freshly ground spices with this well-designed rotary grinder.
If you have a coffee grinder, you have a spice grinder.
The mixture can also be ground in a meat grinder using a medium blade.
The employer could not provide information as to where the bench grinder was purchased.
The grinder should not be used until it has been inspected and reworked.
The grinder is enclosed only on three sides by an incomplete, ventilated doghouse.
The grinder will come with a couple of cutting disks for coarse or medium grinds.

Famous quotes containing the word grinder

If we complain about the tune, there is no reason to attack the monkey when the organ grinder is present.... more
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