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Example sentences for grimy

Fabric shades that have become a bit grimy may require more invasive action.
Some say countries that welcome such grimy guests are offering a public service.
Actually, it was pewter-gray, grimy in the setting sun.
My mouse seems to suck up every grimy quark and boson on my desk and do something unpleasant with it.
The two-story brick building looks almost abandoned a grimy facade, windows covered over, no sign outside.
Back at the lodge, exfoliate grimy layers of history in the spa's bear claw tubs.
No other major-league team has such a grimy ghost in the attic of its history.
On the outside, it's a grimy brick building facing a noisy expressway.
Every morning, the fishermen gather at a grimy outdoor cafe overlooking the docks of this ancient port town.
He stepped inside and immediately slipped down two flights of grimy gypsum.
As the forests darkened under the grimy skies, the moths grew darker.
He wears a torn jacket, too heavy for the warm day, and a grimy red baseball cap.
In the photo for her pilot's license, he had her strike a masculine pose, complete with cigarette and grimy fingernails.
Christine was hunched over a grimy table in the smoking section.
Now the chandeliers were grimy and the ceilings hanging in tatters.
Day's world unfolds in broad expanses of grimy nature.
His cheap guitar was battered and grimy, and he looked as if he'd been in a fight.
The moon is dusty, grimy, and potentially hazardous to your health.
Convention protesters describe stays in grimy conditions.
And the old wood frame homes and grimy streets touched a long forgotten memory.
Earmarks are the grimy political grease that helps our spending motor run.
For example, unemployed mine workers preferred the disability benefit over the grimy mining--in many instances.
There, she found families stuffed into unsanitary, grimy shacks and apartments.
Around the corner the sidewalk was covered with gum and the tunnel entrance was grimy and damaged.
Talk about the city's under ware-the grimy sewer system, leaky water lines-and its dilapidated condition.
It was somewhat grimy, but it was legitimate and current.
It was not quite so smoked and grimy as it would have been had they been living on the ground floor of the original tepee.
These are the hearing protection of choice for employees with grimy hands.

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