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Example sentences for grimly

It's a grimly understated vision of a post-apocalyptic world.
The next day my husband started talking, rather grimly, about flamethrowers.
Winter food is not something you have to grimly bear.
But the smallest minority of all smiled grimly and rubbed more petroleum jelly on the blast-door gaskets.
His grimly businesslike speech was a gritty, almost masochistic exercise in the taking of responsibility.
Parents and shoppers bore grimly on, waving the scanner toward this car seat and that crib mattress.
Thus as they rode they heard by them a great horse grimly neigh.
Her lips were set grimly together, and she carried a small suit-case.
It is a grimly compelling chronicle of paternal enabling and filial profligacy.
They can be amusing or grimly fascinating to read for a while, but only a while.
And it doesn't require acting so much as merely walking grimly through the role.
The picture then grimly follows his self-inflicted surgery and his subsequent undoing by a nosy neighbor.
Its interiors are minimalist, and grimly candid about it.
Grimly he burned one section after another until there was a ring of fire, a half-league across, around the ambush site.
Butts stood amidst this animal wreckage and looked grimly into the camera as his partner snapped off pictures of the devastation.
The city ice boat lies higher up, with cotton bales along her sides, and her thirty-two pounders smiling grimly over them.

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