grimace in a sentence

Example sentences for grimace

When you burn your finger, the grimace on your face sends a universal message.
If you take a close look you will still be able to see the grimace in their faces.
When we smile, frown or grimace, thousands of tiny facial muscles are at work.
There certainly was somewhat of disdain and mockery in that captivating grimace.
Now grimace at the thought of all the embarrassing times you had to ask guests to add their coats to a big pile heaped on the bed.
The man's pants are rolled to the knees; his expression is part grimace, part grin.
Just try not to show that awful, begrudging grimace while you're doing it.
He himself accepts this nonsense with a grimace and a shrug.
After rising, she grimaced and rubbed her left wrist.
The megawatt smile often was replaced by a half-pout, half-grimace of dismay.
The intensity of his concentration was clear in his grimace.
As fatigue sets in, you'll notice players grimace and form beads of sweat.
He had a weird growth along his dorsal fin, and that gape-mouth grimace you see in older fish.
Realizing the mistake, he made a mock grimace, and an aide pointed the way.
Beneath his piercing eyes, a grimace appears to have been ironed onto his face.
The other side seems to grimace on, blogs against the current.

Famous quotes containing the word grimace

Good-bye to flattery's fawning face, To grandeur, with his wise grimace, To upstart wealth's averted eye,... more
We New Yorkers see more death and violence than most soldiers do, grow a thick chitin on our backs, grimace... more
Yet they do have don't they like us their days of grace, they halt, stretch, a vision breaks in on the cramped gri... more
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