grillwork in a sentence

Example sentences for grillwork

Newcomers have been known to look down through the grillwork, see nothing but ocean below, and freeze up with dizziness.
Six overlook areas are placed at the three pier locations and are defined by ornamental grillwork.
Elevators are located near the stairwells, although the original grillwork has disappeared.
The bronze doorway and ornamental grillwork over the windows are particularly notable on this discrete facade.
Metal grillwork accentuates the three tall window openings of the central face.
The bus contains three main compartments for inmates, each separated by grillwork and a locked door.
Usually, you can see only the outlet, which is a register covered with grillwork.
Many such signs survived because they were embedded in the iron grillwork above the doorway.
The first floor is entered by a stoop decorated with iron grillwork.
Clean the detector face and grillwork often to remove dust and grease.
It comprises parquetry, in laid floors and grillwork in wood.
The platform shall be of sufficient strength to support personnel and may be of open grillwork.
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