grille in a sentence

Example sentences for grille

It's underneath the grille, and inside the cabinet, that counts.
The grille now looks as if it was done that way on purpose.
There are no exposed heating elements nor a grille that little fingers can poke through.
It has a custom ground effects kit, a spoiler, unique grille and graphics package.
Look closely for the blacked-out grille pieces, a modest aerodynamic trim pack and new dual exhausts.
And her head is set off, framed by the grille behind her.
Verify that the total unobstructed area for each transfer grille is specified on the plans.
The grille area should be based on the total supply cfm for the room.
Blades shall be firmly held in place by mullions from behind the grille and fixed in place by crimping or welding.
Finished grille shall permit clear view through the door.
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