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Example sentences for grievously

However, the printing process takes time and is grievously expensive.
It implements a novel understanding of marriage, which will grievously harm families and children.
No technical idea is so grievously misused in common speech as that of proof.
The floods have wreaked untold harm on a place that has already suffered grievously.
As a realist, he recognises that it may be grievously, even terminally vulnerable.
So within a while both had grimly wounds, and bled grievously.
We've made mistakes and we've paid grievously for them.
The protagonist has been grievously wounded by a fellow member of his organization.
But for centuries it has been grievously mispronounced by everyone who is not anyone.
And on the reverse, as you rightly point out, you have suffered grievously.
It would be a grievously fatal flaw in the proposed new definitions to mix price scenarios.
The case only came to light when one of the children was grievously injured and had to receive medical care.
Additionally, thousands more people were grievously injured, both emotionally as well as physically.
Daily's statement was made at a time that he was in great pain and when he knew he was grievously and probably mortally wounded.

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