grievous in a sentence

Example sentences for grievous

The town's women enter a particularly grievous widowhood.
This is a grievous, self-inflicted wound.
There is clearly enough indication that it can cause grievous harm, not only to humans, but to the entire ecosystem.
The members knew that grievous wounds had been opened by the war, and it would take much time for them to heal.
We extend our profound sympathy to his family at their grievous loss.
Tuesday was a moment to look back and acknowledge our grievous losses.
He was appalled to find his country, largely through his own grievous miscalculations, at war with Britain.
The people know that a grievous injustice has been committed.
Orchestras have grievous problems involving repertory, audience and mission.
It would be a grievous error to miss this opportunity.
He fumes on about the problems of the coffee industry, and what he calls a grievous oversupply of substandard beans.
Poverty and poor health are grievous problems for many communities.

Famous quotes containing the word grievous

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.... more
There is no sorrow more grievous than the death of one's spirit.... more
Jealousy is a grievous passion that jealously seeks what causes grief.... more
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