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Example sentences for grieving

Many people from the community will drop by to bring food and comfort to the grieving family.
Grieving elephants, sympathetic bonobos, grateful whales-nature is not always red in tooth and claw.
Her therapist has helped lift her out of a debilitating depression that began when she was trying to console a grieving friend.
It's a comfort for the grieving dog owner, but keeping the memory of the pooch alive is also good marketing.
The full professors turn a callous eye toward this grieving process, having many years ago become inured to such losses.
Temporary houses are built for the guests, who live at the expense of the grieving family for as long as a week.
Though they are here illegally, they are still grieving and hurting.
Most are either afflicted with illness, taking care of someone else who's ill, or grieving for someone already gone.
But grieving is not the same as trembling with fear.
They were merely arguing, they said, that these measures were necessary to be sensitive to grieving or traumatized parents.
Doctors told the grieving family that dysfunctional household relationships had caused her meltdown.
They picket funerals and cause misery to grieving families.
It's impossible to imagine the roller-coaster of emotions whilst trying to fight nonsense at the same time as grieving.
Now concerns are growing that many grieving families are being ripped off by charlatans claiming access to the spirit world.
He could hardly have staged so joyous an event as his coronation while everybody was grieving for the country's founding deity.
The memorial service was meant to turn grieving into political action.
It is an open wound that still haunts the grieving memories.
The wounded and grieving exiles of the haunting chorus are shown reviving and rejoicing at the end.
Hearts go out to grieving family from beach volleyball team.
Grieving is a universal phenomenon across all human cultures, and has been throughout recorded history.
Grieving relatives and displaced families aren't the right audience for a discussion of energy policy.
That's a difficult question, because there is no single way of grieving.
They had not actually spoken of the grieving process, but she had been afraid that at any moment they might start.
She mourned him until she was ill from grieving and when she recovered another match was arranged.
Grieving children may not show their feelings as openly as adults.
Differences between the grieving process for children and the grieving process for adults are recognized.
People who are grieving are sometimes described as bereaved.
Offers a variety of individual and group programs to help those of any age that are grieving.
The next section explains how to help someone who is grieving.
And often, reactions that have come and gone return later in the grieving process.

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