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Example sentences for grievance

The dean accepted the grievance.
Judge Walker likened the newest allegations to a “general grievance” from the public.
But a grievance letter is not going to help you.
Remove one perceived source of grievance, and there are still many others willing to pursue their grievances with violent means.
The union hopes the grievance will go to mediation in August.
His interests include literary criticism and what he dismisses as “grievance studies”.
Indignation or ill will felt as a result of a real or imagined grievance.
I'll know his grievance, or be much denied.
Nasty behavior, but not intense enough to be considered a serious grievance.
Still, it is worth addressing real grievances.
We are considering a class action suit or class grievance.
People with a grievance will always find ways to communicate with each other.
Not long ago, he sent another ready-made grievance down this way-purely for inspection.
In any modernized country, the backward-looking party will always tend toward resentment and grievance.
Were not this the case, the fecundity of nature would be a grievance instead of a blessing.
The remedy of the grievance now stated lies with the people themselves.
When any breach of promise occurred, in the old days of prerogative, it was resented by the people as an intolerable grievance.
Let the tax be light or heavy, uncertainty is always a great grievance.
In speeches, interviews and debates, his hallmark is a deep sense of grievance.
It remains part of our cultural tradition to regard certain kinds of grievance as legitimate grounds for violence.
In this climate of grievance and hyperbole, many acts of violence are politicized.
Staff covered for each other, grievance processes were sabotaged and evidence was frequently destroyed.
Many were senseless-the work of a madman or of someone with a private grievance.
Certainly, follow the internal grievance procedures, but secure independent advice and counsel as well.
Programs of study based on group grievance and political advocacy have enriched the college curriculum.
One facilitator explains efforts to improve the grievance process.
Teaching moments are useless when they seek advocacy for some grievance, real or imagined.
We may not share his approach to airing a grievance, but the grievance itself feels familiar.
But logic, alas, may count for less than political grievance.
The opposition does feel that it has specific grounds for grievance against the government.
The protests typically mix genuine grievance with ignorant fears that are whipped up by political extremists.
Annoying people only works as a strategy if it's the only way to bring light to a legitimate, concrete grievance.
Their rivalry is based in fathomless feelings of personal grievance.
As reported by the grievance, the business debited customers' accounts without consent.
Each side with its own narrative, its immutable litany of grievance, its outrage.
We wanted his success at the polls to put the politics of bigotry and of grievance in their respective places.
Unions cannot refuse to pay the costs of arbitrating a grievance simply because it involves a nonmember.
My guess: this is not nearly the obscene grievance everyone is making it out to be.

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