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Example sentences for grief

Most of the time, schizophrenia causes great grief and suffering for the patients and their families.
When a loved one departs, the first stage of grief is denial.
We all are very saddened by his loss and wish him and his family stability and support in this time of unimaginable grief.
Dealing with feelings on one's own after a community-wide traumatic event may be better than formal grief counseling.
Elephants appear to suffer serious depression after losing companions; some say elephants have even died of grief.
First I surrendered to the grief.
The story is one of grief, courage and emotional rejuvenation.
It was a perfect storm of perfectly horrific proportions and no science cannot assuage the grief there, or here.
Sounds like a great way to help cope with stress and grief, en masse.
The only surprise is how quickly the grief is arriving.
Loneliness is not the absence of company, it is grief over that absence.
Unfortunately, grief and anger aren't especially conducive to rationality.
Mixed in with our grief and horror there was guilt and anger.
Nevertheless, it is important to remember that adherents to all political ideologies come to grief when they become arrogant.
The smoke plume was visible from space, and it caused a lot of local grief.
The long strokes of dark gray charcoal represent both turbulent waters and inexpressible grief.
The event was heavy with grief but electric with anger and indignation.
The book never quite shakes off a feeling of outrage at having been routed by grief.
She held them off, without sounding nobly grief-stricken or unnaturally cheerful or absent-minded or confused.
Though clearly unhinged by grief, his natural eloquence never falters, and his still-resonant voice shines through these entries.
But you have only to witness the outpouring of grief in the last two days to see how far this is from the truth.
Funerals are big social events at which grief is expressed openly and exuberantly.
She could no longer borrow from the future, to help her through the present grief.
Now five years had gone by, and a real grief came upon the whole nation.
As an opiate, or spirituous liquors, shall suspend the operation of grief-Burke.
Down this road lie the linguistic cleavages that have brought grief to other nations.
The magazine's first editor gives poetic voice to the nation's grief.
Yet the terror of talking to a foreign journalist seemed to trump any grief.
He was a close personal acquaintance of grief, and so was present during its visits to other people.
He gave some prepared remarks about how the family appreciated the outpouring of grief but yearned for privacy.
Expert-reviewed report about grief, bereavement, and feelings of loss in survivors of someone who has died of cancer.
It's important to remember that grief can be an on-going process.
The process of adjusting to a loss is known as grief.
Grief itself is not a feeling, but the process of grief includes every possible human emotion.
Explain the importance of various types of grief reactions experienced by children.

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