gridlock in a sentence

Example sentences for gridlock

The prospect of two years of gridlock and troublemaking is worrying.
The spread of mobile phones has only worsened telephone gridlock.
Too often, anger on one side leads to guilt and defensiveness on the other, resulting in sibling gridlock.
It's a place of constant gridlock and giant holes in the sidewalks.
Last year's gridlock prompted airlines and the government to take numerous steps to ease congestion.
Struggling families and workers want to end the gridlock and get our economy moving.
Flying cars might have seemed cool, but there wasn't enough gridlock to feed an urgency to build one.
Yet that theme seems but a dream given the gridlock he has been unable to change.
With the prospect of gridlock at home, a president naturally turns abroad.
And an opposition that never compromises dooms the nation to gridlock.
Political gridlock could trigger a premature shift to fiscal tightening.
Add to this the local fondness for ballot initiatives-referendums, recalls-and you have a formula for gridlock.
They often produce gridlock: managers representing the functions and those having an eye on markets cannot agree.
It would mean permanent gridlock with cars with dead batteries blocking roads.
In addition, there is the potential for gridlock, especially during the peak commuter hours of the day.
In this case, we're watching a steady slide toward gridlock.
When gridlock comes, we'll have to slow things down because of safety.
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