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And one of those samples came from a left hand, which didn't participate in any of the meeting or greeting.
He never showed any aggression towards a human, and his favorite greeting for strangers was a lick in the face.
Meeting them in the street, she never raised her head to receive their greeting.
She spoke to the heroes in greeting and bade them stay in peace for as long as they would.
Amory called a greeting and descending a flight of wooden steps approached the car.
Maoris say hello by pressing their noses together in a greeting called hongi.
Hierarchical in all things, hyena etiquette usually requires the submissive animal to initiate the greeting.
Blast a friend with an e-greeting of nature's fireworks.
Dress up your e-greeting with an image of freshly washed party dresses.
Salute a friend with an e-greeting of a floral flag.
Hyenas have a complicated system of greeting and interacting with each other.
But readers might be forgiven for greeting the findings with a shrug.
Life isn't always the kind of thing you can celebrate with greeting cards.
He would help carry groceries, and was ready with a smile and a greeting.
Palms together and an accompanying short bow in a social setting, addressed to other people, is a secular greeting.
Not everybody, however, is greeting cable broadband with enthusiasm.
Both sides would introduce themselves with a greeting-ie, a ritual-and then take time to catch up.
Another three line block, flush left, one space below the date and one space above the greeting.
After a relationship has been created, local greeting customs may include alternate small kisses on the cheeks.
My greeting disappeared into the thick, walls of other people's stuff.
Since she was a puppy we've kissed her head as a greeting, as a comforting thing, as an affection thing.
The nickname describes not so much his demeanor as his ursine size and his habit of greeting friends with bear hugs.
With fellow bicyclists you'll usually get a verbal greeting, even a smile.
Most of those greeting your spin with enthusiasm have absolutely no idea of the reality of the situation.
Yahoo has an interview with someone who writes greeting cards for a living.
The plot was trite, more an extended greeting card than a story.
It was an oddly effusive greeting in what is typically a somber moment: the victor offering his condolences to the vanquished.
Citizens were greeting the criticism with rare fury.
He vaults to the second balcony and stands on the ledge, greeting the people there.
Then he concluded that he was too busy meeting and greeting to record his impressions in a timely fashion, and he gave up.
She began her career as, and in many ways remained, a designer of greeting cards.
He was so engrossed that he was unaware of our presence until our guide tapped him on the shoulder in greeting.
It is the practiced and familiar ritual greeting of mutual incomprehension and ancient contempt.
The new king, meanwhile, was greeting his subjects by the thousands at a local stadium.
Sometimes the boys turn to her during the day and manage a little smile, or raise their eyebrows in a sort of greeting.
Meeting and greeting thousands of people at receptions and garden parties actually gave her a temporary facial tic.
The prosecution team all smile a greeting but move on, almost never stopping to chat.
My admittedly anecdotal, haphazard research tells me that the volume of holiday greeting cards is down this year.
Presumably these people are looking to make homemade greeting cards, not gift cards.
Use this form to request an official proclamation, recognition or greeting.

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