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Instead, you'll be greeted and ushered right to your door so your vacation can begin immediately.
Each day, we've been greeted by the super stars of animal behavior and ethology research.
But others in academe greeted the news with a certain amount of cynicism, or even outright suspicion.
The remark was greeted with groans even though it contained a lot of truth.
Several friendly faculty members greeted me at the airport.
In the riots that greeted his admission, two died and dozens were injured.
The teacher looked a tad-bit nervous when he greeted her and the rest of the students.
She was greeted with a series of harrumphs and mumbled protests.
Crows, sparrows and cats that pecked at leftovers or begged for food often greeted us with their cawing and purring.
We were greeted by our grandparents who would give us a ride to our lesson.
We greeted each other, and after shaking hands took our seats.
The applause that had greeted the opening sentences had been gradually growing fainter, and at the last word it stopped suddenly.
Or by the owl, as he greeted the moon with demoniac laughter.
Come home a bit late and you'll still be greeted with delicious, fork-tender cuts.
When first publicized, the findings were greeted with cheers.
He entered the city on the back of a donkey and was greeted with acclaim by small crowds, as the story goes.
We were greeted at the airport by two guys and escorted to the governor's office.
You're greeted by a full-size model of the space shuttle, complete with a clear explanation of how the heat shield works.
He never complained and always greeted us cheerfully.
Lou greeted me with obvious relief at the camp and offered me water.
In her dressing room after one show, she kicked off her shoes and greeted a stream of well-wishers.
Anti-corruption protestors greeted this with a demonstration outside parliament.
But the news has been greeted with something approaching relief.
Here visitors are greeted with a large and arrestingly modern earthenware bowl.
In some parts of the city they were greeted by jubilant crowds.
Many other couples dressed in bridal gear were greeted enthusiastically by the watching crowd.
Viruses that manage to infect cells are greeted by proteins that attempt to shred them into genetic confetti.
She greeted each of them, bowing and then turning to present her swelling for inspection.
It was a sensational claim, and it was greeted by a spectacular backlash.
Fellow researchers greeted it not so much with skepticism as with silence.
He always greeted me with a smile and a sparkle in his eye.
The idea was too radical to be greeted with anything but skepticism.
Here, nuts talk to nuts, and are greeted with scorn whenever they lave their little nutty circles.
The growing crowds have been greeted by a live show that reaches an almost spiritual intensity.
The following week, he was greeted by over-capacity crowds as he swung through the state.
More than any other, this one is greeted with groans and rolled eyes.
They greeted the reenacted rebel yells with cold silence.
New achievements are therefore more likely to be greeted with a shrug than with any sense of heightened significance.
And it's the way our culture has groomed and greeted us.
Jagged reefs greeted the bewildered skippers instead.
In retrospect it is amazing how much skepticism greeted these suggestions.
The enthusiasm with which his work was once greeted was quite remarkable.
The orchestra appears and its platform is mechanically lowered into the pit, a procedure greeted with cheers.
On my sixty-fifth, a surprising number of office cronies greeted me cheerfully throughout the day.
He greeted more visitors after his nap, or took telephone calls, which could reach more than three thousand a month.
But his appointment was still greeted with widespread surprise, if also to general approbation.
He greeted voters, in such places as shopping centers.
She greeted a good choice with silence, a bad one with loud reproach.
She greeted him in her curlers and robe and escorted him into her antique-filled living room.
We are greeted by the nauseating stench of rotting flesh.
He was greeted at the clubby restaurant as an old friend.
Rust delivered an awkward mime full of curious hand gestures, which was greeted by lukewarm laughter and sideways glances.
Worthington greeted us in the cramped outer room of his suite.
The president came in and greeted her-it was a total surprise.
She greeted a university professor and discussed briefly a paper he was preparing.
The cameras shot him from behind as he entered the convention center and greeted the rapturous crowd.
There's no best time to visit when you do arrive you'll be greeted with warm hospitality.
When accessing the hotline, callers will be greeted with a generic message when all state office buildings are open for business.
Politicians demanded rescue and relief, but in village after village journalists arrived first-and were greeted with outrage.
She occasionally greeted customers alone at the door.
The officer doubles over, only to be greeted by a sharp knee jab to his face.

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