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Its aluminum skin, lit by powerful dive lights suspended from the barge, shone faintly in the greenish murk.
Its flowers are tiny, greenish-yellow and globular, and its indented leaves have a silvery-gray sheen.
But they couldn't escape the giant, greenish-yellow cloud.
The pixels in all the greenish hearts really are greener than those in the bluer looking hearts.
Adult individuals of both species are greenish grey or brownish, with dark blotches forming what seems to be a cryptic pattern.
Anything to scare people out of noticing that the local butcher's selling them greenish beef.
If the effect icons looks greenish, then that's what you'll end up with.
The sky was greenish blue, with the light going quickly.
Its back was corrugated and ornamented with ungainly bosses, and a greenish incrustation blotched it here and there.
Medium-size apple has greenish yellow skin and tart flesh.
Its pink buds open into white flowers with greenish blotch.
The tree's new leaves are reddish purple, turning greenish bronze by summer.
The small blossoms are greenish with a coppery or yellow tinge, carried in dense spikes that become loose and open with age.
The greenish well shows a signal resulting from the detection of a brain-cancer cell.
The dining room was greenish under florescent light, empty but for two tables, one of those empty but for spent pitchers of wine.
Perspiration poured down his fat face which had taken on a slightly greenish hue.
Combining this with the reddish color of the sun at sunset can give the clouds a greenish appearance.
Mostly the transformer failure would appear as a bright greenish flash followed by a lingering glow.
Her glazed skin was an interesting tint, a matte greenish- gray.
Colors-greenish-brown chiaroscuro background, pale peachy flesh with bluish insinuations-sang.
Its head and back can be anything from a reddish brown to a greenish brown, and its belly is yellow- ish.
His tie was askew and he wore a sloppy white shirt, saggy pants, and a wrinkled greenish-grey overcoat.
Her greenish eyes seemed flecked with the overflow of the freckles that covered her sharp-featured face.
Their base color, however, can also be greenish or gray and their markings can be yellow dots or brown splotches.
However, as they return upriver to their spawning grounds, their bodies turn bright red and their heads take on a greenish color.
With the greenish, crystalline look of a pulverized windshield, ferrous sulfate is commonly given to iron-deficient humans.
The tree produces tiny greenish white flowers on six-inch, yellowish catkins in the late spring or early summer.
Strongly iridescent, with a bright blue or purplish blue sheen on the head, while the body is greenish.
It's reported to have a faint greenish glow, or coma, around its main body.
Neither will look all that impressive, appearing as greenish-blue tinted, fuzzy stars.
Greenish yellow underparts with indistinct blurry streaks.
These optical aids reveal it as a tiny greenish disk set against the inky blackness of space.
Eye color was likely brown, although greenish-brown may also have occurred.
He nudges the slices together so they touch and dribbles greenish liquid along the seam.
Villagers nearby complained bitterly that they were falling sick from having to use the smelly, greenish water.
Five or six windows along one wall let in a sluggish light that does nothing to enhance the greenish glow from the fluorescents.
Extremely comfortable fit, color greenish not yellow.
He held in his hands a big, oblate, greenish-gray stone.
Jets of steam and acrid vapor hissed from vents in the rock far below, staining the cliffs a greenish yellow.
The video that emerged is greenish and grainy but to these researchers it is pure gold.
Overhead, branches interlace and filter the sunlight a greenish gold.
The greenish-looking ocean floor, on which a starfish sits, suddenly rises into view.
At night, the forests crawl with sinuous shapes that glow with an eerie greenish-blue colour.
Anyway, it was bright greenish in color, and from my viewing angle appeared to be in a straight vertical dive.
The meteorite traveled northeast and had a pronounced greenish color.
It stained a few citizens' clothes and left a greenish tint on some white-painted houses.
Exposed to the air outdoors, copper develops a beautiful greenish patina as a result of oxidation.
Old-fashioned street lamps shed greenish circles of light on the overhanging mahogany branches.
The hills and vales are a crazy quilt of greenish hues, bright and rich, and absolutely irresistible.
Available early fall through spring, the greenish white bulb is shaped with overlapping ridges similar to celery.
In these false-color images vegetation appears red, drylands a greenish tan, and glaciers and snow bright white.

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