greenhouse effect in a sentence

Example sentences for greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect weakened, the world cooled, and ice spread over the oceans from the poles.
Without the natural greenhouse effect, the planet would essentially be frozen.
And by the mid-twentieth century, some of the physical mechanisms behind the greenhouse effect had been understood.
Therefore, the total greenhouse effect is not simply the sum of the effect of each gas alone.
A, the greenhouse effect would have to be proven, when there is some scientific dispute about it.
We need the greenhouse effect, and the water vapor is an essential part of why life formed on this planet.
They can enhance the greenhouse effect and they can also increase albedo since they reflect incoming solar radiation.
In principle, this atmospheric greenhouse effect is well understood that is why believers say the science is settled.
The greenhouse effect may be linked to hurricanes in summer and brutal storms in winter.
Use your knowledge of the greenhouse effect mechanism to estimate how the temperature varies with depth.
Explain the differences between the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer.
Responds to data and information concerning greenhouse effect and global climate change.
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