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Example sentences for greenhouse gas

And while you can't link any individual event directly to greenhouse gas emissions, the trend exists.
Most people agree that what is needed is a reduction in the global level of greenhouse gas emissions.
To top it off, oceanic nitrogen is converted to nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.
Water vapor, a powerful greenhouse gas, returned to the skies.
In an energy-constrained world worried about greenhouse gas emissions, desalination doesn't look that attractive.
How to best curb greenhouse gas emissions is a hotly debated topic.
Paster adds that a cross-country train trip would generate about half the greenhouse gas emissions of driving a car.
When permafrost melts, it releases methane, another potent greenhouse gas.
Scientists thought that only bacteria that live where there's no oxygen produced methane, a greenhouse gas.
The airline industry has argued that it's doing what it can to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
All the more reason to redouble our efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
It's an attempt to cut oil imports, and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel-based electricity generation is a major contributor to climate change.
Obviously not, but water vapour is a greenhouse gas.
We ought to check carefully whether greenhouse gas emissions really would be reduced by going nuclear.
It being a hydrocarbon it is probably also an effective greenhouse gas.
The pollutants that contribute to global warming are commonly known as greenhouse gas emissions.
Food that's thrown away winds up producing methane, a potent greenhouse gas, in landfills.
Cities consume significant amounts of energy when purifying and distributing water, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.
Droughts can actually contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.
By contrast, climate change brought about by increasing greenhouse gas concentrations is our own doing.
The study was conducted with computer simulations using climate data and projections of greenhouse gas levels.
Your home can be responsible for creating twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as your car.
Energy efficient homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and demands for nonrenewable resources.
Solar heaters produce zero greenhouse gas emissions.
One main source of greenhouse gas is burning fossil fuels.
One is that huge amounts of methane, a particularly potent greenhouse gas, are stored in the permafrost of the tundra.
The stores total more than some trillion tons of this greenhouse gas.
And when these are produced due to industrial agriculture, it certainly does need to be counted in rising greenhouse gas levels.
Its capacity to not only cook food but also sterilize water could help three billion people reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
The policy implications are based on hypothetical scenarios based on different atmospheric greenhouse gas levels.
To sustain water, there must have been some sort of greenhouse gas to hold in the heat.
Ozone, you see--and as researchers have seen for some time--is itself a greenhouse gas.
Since methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, that release could further accelerate global warming.
The weathering rate sped up again, and more greenhouse gas was converted to limestone.
Gore was talking about the emission of greenhouse gas.
The long-term upward trend of global warming, mostly driven by greenhouse gas emissions, is continuing.
Students, educators, and school administrators can all play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Nitrous oxide's chemical characteristics and interactions in the atmosphere contribute to its significance as a greenhouse gas.
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