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Almost no climatologists now dispute the idea that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are heating up our planet.
Buying used textbooks not only saves you money, but cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks.
Even if continuing stagnation should slow greenhouse gas-caused climate change, the damage already done is extremely serious.
The global livestock industry is responsible for nearly twenty per cent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions.
Coal plants, meanwhile, produce almost twice the volume of greenhouse gases as natural-gas plants per unit of energy generated.
Greenhouse gases, being global, are the biggest air-pollution problem ever faced.
To top it off, oceanic nitrogen is converted to nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.
In an energy-constrained world worried about greenhouse gas emissions, desalination doesn't look that attractive.
Let's not even get started on the greenhouse gases used in the production and transportation of the materials.
She slips it into the lock, takes a deep breath, and leads me into the greenhouse above the garage.
Crystals could capture greenhouse gases released by power plants.
The growing focus on limiting greenhouse gases adds to the interest in improving existing lines or developing new ones.
Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel-based electricity generation is a major contributor to climate change.
So while motorcycles could help reduce oil consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions, these gains come at the price of dirtier air.
It being a hydrocarbon it is probably also an effective greenhouse gas.
Even natural gas, the cleanest of the fossil fuels produces too much greenhouse pollution.
We ought to check carefully whether greenhouse gas emissions really would be reduced by going nuclear.
Potential as a greenhouse gas can be determined by the dipole moment of a gas.
Makers of electric cars claim that this is an efficient way to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
Around three years ago its fierce resistance to the notion of any limit on its greenhouse-gas emissions started to soften.
With watering can and clippers, he would potter in his greenhouse among hundreds of varieties of orchids.
The two countries are by far the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.
Science continues to support the case for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions so as to minimise the risks of catastrophe.
Meanwhile, governments around the world are mandating the use of ethanol in an effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
About half of its energy comes from burning coal, a prolific producer of greenhouse gases.
The biggest source of greenhouse-gas emissions is electricity generation.
As well as yielding energy, it also prevents what is a potent greenhouse gas from being released into the atmosphere.
Though cleaner than oil or coal, it does emit greenhouse gases when burned.
The transport sector is a principal source of global emissions of greenhouse gases.
Deforestation accounts for about a fifth of the world's emissions of greenhouse gases.
Calif's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions halted.
Few scientists doubt that this greenhouse warming of the atmosphere is already taking hold.
Deforestation is a main cause of the higher concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
See the greenhouse effect in action and learn more about the science behind global warming.
Sea levels have been rising for decades, due mostly to global warming caused by greenhouse gases.
Trees also play a critical role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming.
When the dust settled, increasing greenhouse gases sent temperatures soaring.
We're stepping on the accelerator by adding greenhouse gases to the climate and increasing heat energy in the system.
The only way to reduce ocean temperatures is to dramatically reign in our emission of greenhouse gases.
Environment agency launches searchable public log of major greenhouse-gas emitters.
Thawing permafrost may soak up greenhouse gas before it begins to spew it out.
How to best curb greenhouse gas emissions is a hotly debated topic.
First-ever thumbs-down by a court based on greenhouse gas as a pollutant.
Burying greenhouse gas may be the only way to avoid a climate change catastrophe.
Getting a grip on greenhouse gases is daunting but doable.
Mayors are often better equipped than presidents to cut greenhouse gases.
Electric cars could cut greenhouse gas emissions if used properly.
A, the greenhouse effect would have to be proven, when there is some scientific dispute about it.
Volcanoes, with their vast outpourings of greenhouse gases and sun-screening ash clouds, can affect climate.
We need the greenhouse effect, and the water vapor is an essential part of why life formed on this planet.
The thing is if the greenhouse effect has to stay within an envelope.
And that, in turn, could further exacerbate the climate change caused by extra atmospheric greenhouse gases.
Even better, an algae cake diet appears to lower greenhouse gas emissions from cows.
That's one of the key climate changes expected from rising greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.
German researchers have identified a previously unknown emitter of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
Growing corn for ethanol may increase greenhouse gases for over a century.
The stores total more than some trillion tons of this greenhouse gas.
Also becoming a vegetarian or vegan can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the air.
Please note, it is a proven fact that excess greenhouse gases are a major contributor to global warming.
But that still needs to be tested, first in contained greenhouse settings and then later in field experiments.
The greenhouse effect works on extremely cold atmospheres as well as extremely hot ones.
Less fat, more flavour, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions than beef.
Humans are pumping out planet-warming greenhouse gases at a prodigious rate, and the planet is warming.
As the global population increases, it gets harder to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
In this sense, the greenhouse effect is not all bad.
The new techniques have big downsides, namely high greenhouse-gas emissions.
It would be the greenhouse-gas equivalent of taking all our cars off the road.
And ethanol does little, on balance, to reduce greenhouse gases.
Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are often called greenhouse gases.
Some greenhouse gases occur naturally and are emitted to the atmosphere through natural processes and human activities.
In the home or on the road, daily activities cause emissions of greenhouse gases.
Nitrous oxide's chemical characteristics and interactions in the atmosphere contribute to its significance as a greenhouse gas.
Developing greenhouse gas inventories is an important first step to managing emissions.

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