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Thus, people in a fairly featureless landscape do well, with the sky and greenery being cloned quite seamlessly.
Fill tubes with water, insert flowers, and tuck them into the greenery.
Openings in the stucco wall behind the banco frame views of greenery on the other side.
Place tiki torches among greenery in your garden, and portable lanterns along the entry walk.
Pyracantha is beautiful as an espalier, bringing lush greenery and seasonal color to a blank wall or fence.
Greenery and a garden shed creates a sheltering screen.
Then he plants potatoes in every cutout so the greenery can grow outside, but leaving the root inside.
Not enough greenery, however, to make any sort of cushion over the rubble below.
On the horizon to the east are low mountains covered with scrubby greenery that blooms yellow in the spring.
Use greenery from your garden for centerpieces, or use anything of interest for your table.
It shows the gorillas curiously inspecting a tourist sitting in some greenery.
The southeastern part of the country is lush with greenery.
Arranged around the greenery were three tarantulas, each the size of my palm.
As spring blossoms, the garden and all its greenery become the focus of the season.
In the spring and summer, the mountains come alive with greenery and wildlife.
The hotel's large atrium has tropical greenery, a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub.
The resort features a championship golf course with rolling terrain and scenic greenery.
The mountains are generally covered in greenery during the summer, with swaths of wildflowers and huge stands of aspens.
The area is famous for its rolling hills covered in greenery and the palms, which tower above the valley.
From there, you'll step into the five-story atrium lobby, filled with lush greenery and an indoor waterfall.
In some cases, the leap from computing to greenery may not be all that big.
Gloomy lectures on climate change are packed, and copies of heartening books on how to turn greenery into gold are in much demand.
But greenery, the new on-campus craze, is different.
Countries with greenery in their veins are being asked to take more of the burden than newer members.
There is, of course, plenty of evidence that greenery and growth are not polar opposites.
Many governors and leading businessmen have been converted to greenery.
Greenery, in particular, has paid off for some companies' shareholders.
Still, big firms hoping to make inroads into developing markets would be foolish to dismiss greenery altogether.
And it would be more palatable if governments cut the taxes that they currently justify in the name of greenery.
The economics and greenery of this are far from proven.
The more the private sector invests in greenery, the less resistance there is to legislation.
Its vast acres of sloping greenery, its glades and its trees present a striking backcloth.
Greenery such as cedar, ivy, pine and holly add a fresh look and natural scent to our homes.
Floral greenery has continued to be an important product since then.
Recycle bedding trays and plant containers from annuals and other greenery.
Its non-showy tiny greenish-white flowers and nondescript leaves are lost in the profusion of summer color and greenery.
The medians should also be landscaped with street trees, shrubs or other greenery, in order to reduce the effects of pollutants.
The hail produced significant tree damage where all greenery was completely removed.
Studies have shown that increasing the amount of greenery in a city can keep temperatures at historic lows.
It's a symmetrical stadium surrounded by parking lots and greenery.

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