greenback in a sentence

Example sentences for greenback

But deciding to move money beyond the greenback is easier than figuring out where to go.
Possession limits and length requirements apply, and greenback cutthroat trout are catch-and-release only.
The threatened greenback cutthroat trout once stared extinction in the face.
If their currencies rise too far against the greenback, their exporters will lose out wherever customers pay in dollars.
The first was that only the treasury secretary talked at length about the greenback.
Since then, however, it has been a steady downward drift for the greenback.
The world economy could well benefit from a gradual slide in the greenback.
If it sells dollars to buy yen or won, it risks depressing the value of the greenback.
But the greenback is not the only currency that counts.
They act as a hedge against a depreciating greenback.
But ironically the resulting fall in the current-account deficit has been accompanied by a renewed downturn in the greenback.
To many people the supremacy of the greenback in commerce, commodity pricing and official reserves cannot be sensible.
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