green tea in a sentence

Example sentences for green tea

Even green tea may tie into subtle subatomic processes.
From green tea to farts, a smell expert breaks down the chemicals of odor.
In animal studies, green tea prevented the growth of cancers in several organs.
Lunch is usually yogurt and an apple, along with some green tea.
No similarity to the others with green tea on the label.
The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are varied, ranging from preventing bad breath to protecting your heart.
The properties of green tea attacking free radicals using quantum tunneling is another example.
Start drinking green tea to keep you healthy and energetic.
Desserts will include green tea cake or fruit sashimi.
Monthly specials include a green tea and mango smoothie, vegetarian tortilla soup, pan-seared cod and whole-wheat penne pasta.
Don serves plates of sticky rice and cups of green tea with milk and sugar.
The label give green tea as the major ingredient along with other nameless teas.
Unless ordered a la carte, dinners include a side of steamed rice, vegetables and hot green tea.
Champagne flutes and evergreen sprigs form a centerpiece when interspersed with forest green tea lights in clear votive holders.
Someone brings in a pot of green tea and a bowl of walnuts.
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