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Example sentences for green light

People could read the newspaper by their crimson and green light.
As he sat in the gloomy lab, watching neural signals dance in green light across an oscilloscope, he noticed something strange.
So the only way to see a star as being green is for it to be only emitting green light.
These devices create coherent green light in a three step process.
Finally, the top layer sports a different type of conducting polymer that absorbs mostly blue and green light.
Instead of using three circles, the red light is now a triangle and the green light is a square.
No one will say exactly when the browser project got the official green light.
All the local governments around here have a green light for entrepreneurs, and they want investment.
To get energy, the large chlorophyll molecules absorb red and blue light from sunlight and reflect green light.
He hasn't exactly been a fantasy beast thus far, but he's got a green light to shoot and is playing heavy minutes.
The green light urges them to try the best response.
Among their other habits are braking when approaching a green light, even they're going straight through the intersection.
Reform-minded officials may take this as a green light to carry on quietly privatising other state-run enterprises, albeit slowly.
Green light's frequency is too high for it to be able to travel through human tissues.
Whether the army will get the green light for its plan is uncertain.
At night the column is bathed in green light and its top, in the shape of a flame, in red.
Light controlled intersection with green light but right turn has a stop sign.

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