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The most pressing issue facing the world is greed.
Well, with all our greed we are going to doom ourselves.
In normal times, it runs on a healthy mix of fear and greed.
Again greed triumphs and human life is sacrificed on the front line.
You've gone over to the powers of selfishness and greed.
Is greed our only driving force? Let's choose wisely.
Nor does the word “greed” appear in the way that the dissenters imply.
Too many people are simply guided by greed.
One of the core principles of capitalism is greed.
Corporate greed has no conscience.
Accusations fueled by envy and greed were routinely tossed around.
She begged for money for food but greed had infected too many minds.
To think science does nothing to feed the millions of starving children, nor stop pollution and greed.
Exaggerations of possessiveness in the individual are parallel and of a piece with the clutching greed of nations and emperors.
The greed of politicians plotted to deprive them of even this chance.
How greed, incompetence, and neglect led to bad decisions.
It stands as the colloquial encapsulation of a capitalist survival-of-the-fittest system that runs on greed and heartlessness.
But the next day, childlike wonder gives way to infantile greed.
It is a function, she said, of unchecked and unregulated corporate greed let loose by a philosophy of financial fundamentalism.
Its practicality has long been debated, especially given the presumed human penchant for both greed and laziness.
But although some problems are understandable, others relate to the personal greed of administrators.
We dash in one direction salivating with greed, then turn and dash in the other in pure panic.
Napoleon said there were two motivators: fear and greed.
It's an intriguing prospect, but ancient strains of greed, fear and narcissism have so far proven remarkably resilient.
Conan served as her first mate until greed got the best of the lady and her crew.
On rare occasions, an emotion other than greed motivates someone, and the world changes a little.
For example, if you look at the salary structure in a corporation, you may see greed.
In movies, bankers are portrayed as heartless, greed-driven jerks.
Unscrupulous greed clearly holds no sympathy for the downtrodden.
The tragedy is they're not being implemented right now because of complacency and greed.
But there was nothing so voluptuous as greed about all this eating.
The perfect awfulness of perfect encryption may be foiled by the perfect greed of the firms that make the necessary equipment.
On a broader scale, the greed in media will surely be their ultimate downfall.
The sole purpose of the fight over this organism appears to be motivated by greed.
We need people to get excited, to see new opportunities there, maybe even a little greed to get us going.
If you think someone is already rich, then their failure to hire someone is simple greed.
Tales of greed and fraud during the boom years abound.
Greed played a part: it was a way for partners to cash out above book value.
Serious questions must be asked about our culture of money, greed and promotion of violence.
And he thrived in an era of cheap credit, when greed and gullibility became far more powerful than fear and suspicion.
If there is a better way to discourage greed than through taxes, then maybe these geniuses can advise us.
Greed works, cuts through, and is in the essence of our evolutionary spirit.
History has proved time and time again greed is supported by power and power provides the tools for greed.
At the time the raiders were condemned for their greed.
For others, especially corn farmers, greed is a powerful motive.
Their greed was only matched by their willingness to do anything to make millions in profits.
It is only when the reality of people's suffering is hidden that greed is allowed to dictate policy.
The basic cause of this deficiency is the payment-system for psychiatrists ie money need ie greed.
Greed isn't trying to hold on to the money that you've earned, greed is demanding that you be given other people's money.
There is a growing tendency to cross the limits of sustainable greed which can be developed in a capitalist economy.
If there's one thing that we've learned is that lessons are easily lost when challenged by greed.
The common people always suffer the consequences of executive greed.
They are motivated by greed and fear and are therefore incapable of rational thought.
All sorts of bad science and engineering is implemented because of greed or regulatory failures.
Humans should be ashamed of their cruelty and greed.
As to why so many orangutans have been killed, it basically boils down to one word: greed.
It's greed and the fact that money makes you more equal than others in our supposedly equal society.
It's always politics, ignorance and greed pushing no legislation and bad stewardship.
The financial crisis is a product of short-term greed and gain.
The authorities who set up this tragedy because of sheer greed are accountable.
Great to hear that a small amount of money is going to help control the environmental devastation produced by uncontrolled greed.
Hopefully, humanity can learn to strive for long term wealth instead of short term greed.
Unfortunately the greed surrounding this practice is only resulting in the demise of the art on which it thrives.
To want to enjoy one's dinner is correct, but greed is not.
T hough the gang was funded by criminal ventures, including the narcotics trade, its motivation was never primarily greed.
And now that greed was good, some felt the notion of service barely received lip service.
But even if supply doesn't overwhelm demand, fear and greed may roil the market.
There were constant charges that she exploited her position with obscene displays of greed.
They were blinded by greed and seduced by high returns, and want me to reimburse them for their lack of proper due diligence.
But, fundamentally, the markets are in free-fall because of rampant and unfettered greed.
As for our response, so cautiously focused on fear and greed, it is pathetic.
Unscrupulous people are not in short supply, greed will prevail.
Greed seems to far outweigh sanity in these matters.
Truly, its unabashed greed that many here are displayed, and its quite sickening.
Selfishness and greed have caused the current economic crisis, the lust for even more money has finally caught up.
Human greed and selfishness has a tendency to outweigh reason.
Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
It is that the avenues to express greed had grown so enormously.
It combined the breathtaking greed of a few with irresponsibility all across the system.
Greed and corruption, bribery and fraud, insiders getting fabulously rich while workers get robbed.
The idea of a suicide gene in a seed is ecological blackmail, and a sign of greed and lack of concern for life itself.
It includes medieval knights and greed-driven pirates down to gunslingers and today's white collar criminals.
What is at the center of all this financial distress is greed.
Since they have no limit to their greed the government must act to deter and punish it.
Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
Modern media did not invent greed, eccentricity or lust for attention.
First, the hunter and his friends were undone by their own greed.

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