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Some call it excess capacity, but others say it is greatly needed inventory.
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The price of cocaine varies greatly between rich countries.
But pubs, restaurants and nightclubs have long greatly outnumbered the churches.
Plants vary greatly in habit: some are low and spreading, others compact and bushy, still others upright and angular.
She will be greatly missed and in our hearts forever.
Reports of its extinction have been greatly exaggerated-twice.
Marine mammals are often forced to find food in dark or turbid waters, where visibility is greatly reduced.
Lately, microscopy has been greatly enhanced by digital image processing.
Any thoughts, suggestions, and/or resources pointing to such programs would be greatly appreciated.
The procedure was used-and in retrospect greatly overused-as a treatment for a wide range of psychiatric disorders.
The way tuna is handled greatly affects its quality.
Our landlord, neighbor and good friend will be greatly missed.
Any ideas, websites, or resources would be greatly appreciated.
Much advancement in modern technology has greatly enhanced this.
Any advice or insider knowledge that you can share would be greatly appreciated.
All three are set to benefit greatly by the industry-changing work we're doing in sustainability.
Understanding more about how glia function may greatly alter our model of how the brain and mind work.
They have greatly reduced the deer herds by eating the fawns.
The price of commercial borax has greatly decreased during the past three years.
Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
Would greatly appreciate any e-mails relevant to the current status of this excavation.
Broader advice on how to structure my answer and how long to talk would also be greatly appreciated.
Urban found that foraging activity varied greatly from pond to pond.
He will be greatly missed and long remembered by all fortunate enough to have known him.
The temperature range on the continent and on the water differ greatly.
The world is eager for energy alternatives that greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Greatly enjoyed the article and its optimistic message.
The researchers noted that the study quality varied greatly.
Not only was his anxiety about the surgery greatly reduced, but so was the total cost of the operation.
Consumers have benefited greatly from those advances.
Some areas were more greatly affected because rain washed radioactive material from the atmosphere to the ground.
Any suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.
Two nonacademic jobs in my background have greatly influenced my career in academe.
They have greatly expanded their teaching of business ethics-some by introducing special courses, others in more memorable ways.
If that occurs, the chances of a pandemic could be greatly increased.
So the new approach greatly reduces the chances of false positives.
The idea of traveling on foot with a knowledgeable friend through a rustic landscape in a high-tech country was greatly appealing.
However a donation to cover forum expenses would be greatly appreciated.
The rise in export manufacturing also greatly reduced the country's dependence on the volatile price of oil.
He did greatly improve the article by using other people's quotes.
With such diverse origins, the reforms now in progress vary greatly in scope, design and implementation.
The refractive power of the eye's corneal surface, a key to clear vision, is greatly reduced underwater.
Any suggestions of information relating on this time period will be greatly appreciated.
Any advice on these questions or about interviewing in general is greatly appreciated.
Plumage and behavior differ greatly between interior and coastal populations.
Symptoms of the injury, meanwhile, can vary greatly.
The studios could greatly expand their efforts to sell films directly.
Three quarters of the occupied office space will receive enough daylight for full lighting, greatly reducing electricity demand.
The number of companies insured against terrorism varies greatly by country.
Proper landscaping practices can greatly increase rainwater conservation.
The use of thorium can greatly decrease the use of uranium, but cannot eliminate it entirely.
Science will be a tool in this mission, and it will greatly expand our understanding of the solar system and the universe beyond.
Writing a book, however, greatly increased my sense of alienation.
Community colleges' campuses and facilities vary greatly.
Students greatly appreciated the ability to add input and shape the direction of the course.
There's little doubt, naysayers notwithstanding, that building human capital greatly improves an individual's economic prospects.
Fortunately, students could greatly benefit from the inevitable new federal role in higher education.
For some colleges, this greatly shrinks the pool of graduates whose income can be considered.
He was a physician as well as a theologian and a poet, amiable and humane in character, and greatly beloved.
The students prized these certificates highly, and they added greatly to the popularity of the night-school.
It may be safely said that the total number of possible sounds is greatly in excess of those actually in use.
Henry's practice differed greatly from the ideas of his conscientious supporters.
Nor is it even certain that he was greatly interested in drama till within five years of the close of the century.
Your comments and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Fruits should be greatly limited, while vegetables should be unlimited in serving sizes.
Humans greatly underestimate our impact on this planet.
At any rate, this article could be greatly improved.
Lasers can greatly diminish some scars by instantly vaporizing the outer layers of skin.
These technologies are useful, but greatly overused.
However, it would be greatly improved with the addition of a few photos.
Cognitive function suffers greatly, seizures can occur as well as severe disturbances in motor function as they mature.
Unless humans greatly reduce the burning of fossil fuels, no amount of grid tinkering is going to prevent the oncoming shock.
She began earning money for her work, which greatly increased the amount she could contribute to the group.
Fingerprint powder is composed of many different ingredients that can vary greatly depending on the formula used.
The white mater is myelinated which greatly accelerates the messages.
He said not being able to have facial expressions affected his mood greatly.
Small molecules that bind to the protein's receptors could prevent the virus from replicating and might greatly reduce virulence.
It remains in rock form until it returns to relatively shallow depth to where the pressure is greatly reduced.
Reports of their brutishness, it seemed, had been greatly exaggerated.
Eco-friendly building materials vary greatly but share the characteristic of resource efficiency.
There are four different species which vary greatly in size.
While a myelin coating greatly accelerates an axon's bandwidth, it also inhibits the growth of new branches from the axon.
Never being exposed to any other people or cultures other than his own village, this frightened him greatly.
There are several wings of guest rooms, which vary greatly in d├ęcor.
He said the medical dangers of early childbirth were greatly exaggerated.
Furthermore, the amount of power you can generate using solar panels depends greatly on your local climate.
Your ability to enjoy a ski vacation will be greatly enhanced if you improve your ski-specific fitness.
Shock machine manufacturers greatly influence what patients are told about shock.
But when demand greatly exceeds your abilities and you expect to fail, that's a different story.
Is an above-average blocker whose receiving skills have improved greatly since his first few seasons.
Synthesized diamonds created outside of the cartel will greatly reduce that problem.
Searching and browsing the results are greatly improved.
We can increasingly gain convenient access to these goods, greatly reducing the need to own them.
They benefit greatly from public-service announcements regarding health and safety.
Measures short of induced souring can greatly improve the taste of milk or cream.
As additional physics data became available, the estimate of reactor life was greatly increased.
It would also greatly upset global investors who hold agency securities.
The fact that it has strayed from the original idea doesn't bother me greatly.
He was not a loud laugher, and rarely made a joke, but he greatly enjoyed the pleasantries of others.
As with anything else, where supply greatly exceeds demand, prices drop.
But the rest of us will profit greatly from the reinvigoration of the founding principle of checks-and-balances for a new century.
Turnout is now also greatly related to experience in life.
Such profiles, in powered airplanes, greatly reduce fuel consumption and allow a higher speed for any given power setting.
Their known health benefits greatly outweigh the potential harm of pesticides.
In fact some natives are likely to see their incomes greatly reduced.
Over the past thirty-five years, and especially over the past ten, that top-end skewness has greatly increased.
Participants who had both status and power did not greatly demean their partners.
And in the way of forests, these conditions will vary greatly from place to place.
State and local governments' retirement plans differ greatly from those in the private sector.
Credit-worthy governments acting aggressively could greatly speed recovery from such a balance-sheet recession.
The new wave of absinthes varies greatly in flavor and color.
Perry is also proposing to abolish taxes on dividends, capital gains, and estates-all of which would greatly benefit the rich.
While much of what is on display will be familiar to museum regulars, some works benefit greatly from the context.
He is where he is, because he has never aspired to anything and therefore cannot be greatly disappointed with his lot.
But he would be greatly weakened, with dire consequences for his ability to meet many other urgent challenges.
Accounts of life under the regime therefore remained sketchy, our understanding of what made its cogs turn greatly deficient.
Tiny changes in their weight, stiffness, size and shape can greatly change the pitch and volume of the sounds they create.
Manners can differ greatly across societies, and require cultural conditioning.
Plus, the hint of detail in this image would be greatly enhanced in a deeper exposure, and that would really be incredible to see.
So politically, po-mo greatly aided the right, in the short term.
Note that the left lung is greatly compressed or atrophied.
If they invade another group's patch, their distance from home can greatly outweigh the benefits of a large party.
We encapsulate the cells using a protective protein that's engineered to greatly increase the chance they will survive.
Humans' sense of hearing and smell are greatly atrophied in favor of visual acuity.
Right or wrong, these personal subtexts could greatly influence the way the survey subjects contextualize the flag image.
All this greatly darkens the reputation of economics.
It would, of course, greatly increase revenue for the pharmaceutical companies.
It wouldn't take much eccentricity to greatly vary the amount of heat energy reaching the dusk area.
But rumours of its impending demise had been greatly exaggerated.
Speech and language researchers can benefit greatly from the expertise of brain imaging scientists.
With no leftover protons or neutrons, the amount of radiation is greatly reduced.
The types of software and software services sold differs greatly from products aimed at consumers.
Immersion believes this can be greatly improved by switching to a piezoelectric actuator.
But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all.
Removing this from the system will greatly decrease the fuel savings, albeit a lot of cost as well.
If those technologies can be produced economically, they could greatly expand existing markets.
Cutting back the sugar in iced tea would greatly reduce the calories but only marginally reduce the taste, he says.
But single molecule sequencing gets rid of the amplification step, greatly simplifying the process.
These people could benefit greatly from an affordable cell phone for emergency use.
Cell providers may greatly improve their overall performance in many suburban and urban areas.
Wastewater energy demands will greatly reduce energy efficiency gains.
It needlessly endangers the future and greatly increases the environmental impact of electric power.
Quad-core processing should greatly improve web browsing, and multi-tasking more generally.
The size of the battery packs greatly influences the price of new electric cars and plug-in hybrids.
Nanotechnology could also greatly improve batteries.
Player values vary greatly by league, and you need to draft accordingly.
She will be greatly missed by her family, friends and acquaintances.
The administration has greatly expanded both surveillance of private individuals and the collection of data about them.
So greatly did he cherish it that he had him repeat it into his ear.
Having brainlike computers would greatly simplify the process of extracting information from one brain and sending it to another.
Such patients can perhaps be greatly helped by special, highly sophisticated hearing aids.
He was greatly relieved when she made her money back.
We should remember how greatly he revered his predecessor, even if he sometimes took pleasure in disagreeing with him.
The number of people present varied greatly from one day to another.
The administration and the faculty were greatly alarmed, for the situation had considerable potential for violence.
But the sense of horror was not thereby greatly mitigated.
Memories and respect that differ greatly from that voiced here.
They have greatly extended the country's lines of defense.
But perhaps the reports of haute couture's demise are once again greatly exaggerated.
There are more people by far who will tell you that he was greatly disliked.
He will be greatly missed and deeply appreciated for his teachings of peace.

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