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Example sentences for great ape

The bonobo's life history is typical for a great ape.
Perhaps the complexities of great ape social relationships selected for large brains.
There are other members of the great ape family that don't use confusing words.
Orangutans are the only great ape that lives primarily in trees.
Great ape species are threatened by similar issues, including deforestation, loss of habitat and poaching.
Chimps are the closest relative to the human species, both part of the great ape family.
There's no doubt that our minds allow us to do things that even our great ape relatives cannot.
Self-recognition in mirrors is restricted to the great ape-human clade.
Perhaps the change in chromosome number was the speciation event that separated us from our great ape cousins.
The finding means our understanding of the lives and behaviors of the great ape is based on artificially low population densities.

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