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Mega-farms pick money from the pockets of family-scale farmers who graze cattle.
At sunset, hippopotamuses leave the water and travel overland to graze.
People sometimes allow their livestock to graze in the reserve itself, though it is illegal.
The free-range lambs graze on everything from sagebrush to alpine herbs, which makes them lean and flavorful.
Long paths are the result of logging and large blocks have been cleared for herds to graze.
Iguanas and many species of migratory birds live in the park as well, and goats and donkeys graze on the hills.
They graze during the day, sticking together in herds.
Ranchers who graze their cattle on public land should accept some losses in return.
The lambs graze on everything from sagebrush to alpine herbs, which makes them lean and flavorful.
People graze all day on information tailored to their existing worldview.
Cattle graze freely on a patch of this super-rich pasture, held in by an electrified wire.
They need less land to graze on than cows, and have more babies.
But when salt marshes are stressed by drought, snails graze by the millions in a feeding frenzy that mows down the living plants.
Without these urchins to graze on them, the algae quickly overran the stony corals, many of which were already sick.
Pigs, goats and scrawny dogs graze among the chunks of concrete.
In higher elevations, bighorn sheep clatter over the rocks, while down below elk graze alongside the road.
Families graze on cholesterol-sodden take-aways and microwaved ready-meals.
Goats and buffaloes graze amid the reeking mounds, and thousands of scavengers comb the site, looking for items of value.
At night hippos leave the water and roam overland to graze.
But as they head to the forest to graze no human herder accompanies them.
Every morning, she takes the goats that live at the plantation out to graze.
Small groups of bison graze on tiny meadows below the hills.
Parrotfish are also crucial to the health of coral reefs, because they are one of the few creatures that graze on seaweed.
At night, deer graze peacefully among the silent hulks.
Wild horses graze for hours in the shade of beachside coconut palms.
Impala graze near the edge of an open field and wooded area.
It restored their rights to hunt, fish, graze livestock and hold their lakeside ceremonies undisturbed.
One was reported in stable condition with a graze bullet wound to the back.
Timid sheep graze in flocks to guard against predators.
If they were a wild species, you would say their density was good and they follow the graze precisely.
There will be numbered bank accounts, and cows will still graze on mountain slopes and donate milk for cheese and chocolate.
They sneak into the park late at night to let their cattle graze.
Scattered elk graze the same slope, and two coyotes are picking over the remains of an elk calf on the river's shore.
Seeing the llamas graze amongst the clouds was truly memorable.
They graze on munchies until they figure it's time to diet, and then they cover themselves with ashes and sackcloth.
Most calculations estimate that more than four million head of livestock and three million big-game animals graze on public land.
Villagers will send all their cows out to graze at the same time, and soon the field will be useless.
Half a dozen chubby sheep graze dreamily on the meadow.
Outside, where cattle usually graze, human bones sometimes come unearthed after heavy rains.
Considered to be an invasive species, they graze native plants to the point of local extinction.
People graze at work and at home, and they don't realize the calories are really adding up.
And he wanted to graze, to try this idea of doing dramatic music.
When deer graze on infected dirt, prions that are tightly bound to clay will persist for long periods in their intestinal regions.
He gets taken out to graze and is feeling pretty good.
Livestock are turned out to graze, rotated from one grazing unit to another, or herded through an area while harvesting forage.
Then they graze new sprouts on that spot and avoid what appears to be good, taller pasture.
It worked because the bison did not graze any area into the ground-they grazed and moved on to greener pastures as needed.
Hungry animals chew fence posts and reach through the fence to graze.
Seals, waterfowl, and many species of fish graze on the rich and abundant food sources found in estuary waters.
They graze on the algae and lichen that grows on smooth-barked trees.
Harrowing encourages horses to graze pastures more uniformly.
With this system, three herds of livestock graze three pastures while a fourth pasture is rested.
We determined when and why cattle graze lupines in relationship to availability of other forages and environmental conditions.

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