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The brain has not yet revealed its mysterious mechanism of gray matter.
The technique revealed never-before-seen patterns in the white matter and gray matter of the human brain.
After a week, the jugglers were already developing extra gray matter in some brain areas.
Now comes a study finding that it's possible to increase the brain's gray matter quite quickly-in only a matter of days.
Until now, researchers believed our brain had a basic division of labor between gray matter and white matter.
Chronic pain can shrink the volume of the brain's gray matter, the portion of the brain devoted to thought.
The other touch fibers, shortly after entering the spinal cord, terminate in the dorsal column or intermediate gray matter.
Find out with this quiz and give your gray matter a workout in the process.
They are for the benefit of the players themselves-or, to be more precise, for the benefit of the players' gray matter.
The scientific establishment is still slicing and dicing gray matter and putting it under a microscope to see what makes it spin.
Neural networks were originally designed to mimic human gray matter.
Millions of years of evolution have helped shape our gray matter into the thought processing plant it is today.
Let us know in the comments section below if your gray matter in on board with that.
Nonetheless, the path from nostril to gray matter isn't a cakewalk.
So-called white matter makes up the wiring among neurons, which are sometimes collectively called gray matter.
There are nine times as many glial cells in our gray matter as there are neurons.
But the moral gray area of gray matter alteration also inspired some consternation and even urgency.
Millions of neurons in all corners of our gray matter send out an endless stream of signals.
Unfortunately, the sight they're seeing is your gray matter.
These people showed a significant loss of gray matter compared with both middle-aged subjects and the super agers.
They found no difference in the size of the hippocampus or gray matter.
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