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Thus, there is both a law of gravity, and a theory of gravity.
He brings personal charm to a role that is drawn out beyond the specific gravity of the character.
The Earth is still pulling you towards it's center, you haven't escaped gravity.
Whereupon the gallant bachelor advanced with a smile—a smile tempered, however, by the gravity of the occasion.
Obviously, a car with a very low center of gravity would be faster and safer in the turns.
The gravity folks claim that you need to have two bodies for gravity.
I'm in Tokyo to be fitted for my zero gravity wedding dress, but that's another story.
In low gravity, muscles atrophy and bones loose calcium and become brittle.
We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.
Her steady presence and gaze gave the hourlong piece a gravity it might not otherwise have had.
Dry-stacked stone walls are held together by friction and gravity rather than mortar.
And all individuals, however unique they may regard themselves personally, must in some ways reckon with that center of gravity.
The university's response in this case does not seem to match the gravity of the violation committed here.
We can look deeply into traditions and still find them stultifying and want to escape their gravity.
If safety is a concern, consider the frame of the vehicle and the center of gravity.
Gravity, that's an interesting story, but probably best for it's own thread.
They went up in the first space missions to see what would happen to cells in zero gravity.
Many environmental factors influence the oils that a flower produces-and one of those factors is apparently gravity.
In this configuration, gravity tends to push food down toward the lower esophagus.
His face hasn't changed much, although it is clearly yielding to gravity.
There are many signs that he actually underestimated the gravity of the crisis.
He had a low slung serviceable tricycle that was much more stable than the original design with its high center gravity.
The second run-in involved putting less people on the wing and more up astride the fuselage near the center of gravity.
First, a cloud of gas collapses under gravity into one, two and sometimes three stars.
The king admired her gravity and wisdom in so tender an age, and would not suffer her to be any more disturbed on that account.
Marquis is a true philosopher and wit, his humor adorns a rich and mellow gravity.
The gravity of his behaviour reclaimed many from their vicious courses.
Behind the picturesque and captivating rendezvous lurks a powerful dramatic situation and a moral problem of arresting gravity.
He was of handsome form, comely in countenance, with an aspect of gravity and dignity and majesty and stateliness.
Gravity is the ballast of the soul, which keeps the mind steady.
With the utmost gravity, he sets out statistics to show the revenue that would accrue if this idea were adopted.
There is not a white hair on your face but should have his effect of gravity.
The fundamental question as to whether or not luminiferous ether has gravity has not been answered.
His appearance was majestic, and had a great mixture in it of mildness and gravity.
As it was, he felt compelled to retire up the caƱon until he could recover his gravity.
And taking up this pretty joke, as his way is, he argues it with perfect gravity and logic.
Zero gravity, once an exclusive playground for astronauts and select scientists, is no longer out of reach to everyday people.
Testing gravity is simple: walk out of a second-floor window and see what happens.
Deep inside the super-dense hearts of exploding stars, gravity may squash neutron particles from spheres into cubes.
Yet the moons' gravity helps maintain the rings by keeping the particles from straying from their orbits.
With the gravity plan, a spacecraft would not have to dock on the asteroid, but instead hover above its surface.
Imagine living without the gravity that keeps you on your chair and your pencil on your desk.
At the subatomic scale, where the universe is jumpy and discontinuous, physicists don't know how gravity behaves.
Called katabatic winds, they are pulled down the slope of the icecap by gravity.
Inside the nebula, gravity pulls bits of gas and dust together.
Gravity pulls in more and more gas and dust, molding the gas and dust into a sphere.
One reason is that the orbiting atoms would likely be superheated due to the intense gravity and would develop electrical charges.
Scientists imagined that on a moon with low gravity and a thick atmosphere, vegetation could grow to the size of hot air balloons.
My speed comes not from gravity but from the wind that fills my bright parasail.
Galaxies in such groups often interact and even merge together in a dynamic cosmic dance of interacting gravity.
Previous studies have shown that gravity or earthquakes can't explain the objects' movements.
Although the cause would remain unknown, a likely explanation is that something in the laws of gravity needs radical revision.
If true, that is a spanner in the works for those designing quantum gravity.
Dark matter has nothing to resist gravity, so it collapses in on itself rapidly.
It is hardly news that the world's centre of economic gravity is shifting towards emerging markets.
Transit detection can pick up much smaller planets than previous methods based on gravity-induced wobbles in the stellar parent.
The laws of economic gravity suggest capital should flow from where it is abundant to where it is scarce.
Sometimes such an asymmetrical strike can shift the centre of gravity in an industry.
However, dark matter does make itself known through its gravity.
The upshot of all this is that gravity, in addition to pulling things in, stretches and compresses them too.
To figure out what really happened, physicists need a quantum theory of gravity.
It is simply a matter of getting one's limbs below the center of gravity before extending them.
The satellite will also look for evidence of primordial gravity waves, providing theorists with more data to apply to their ideas.
Gravity prevents our solar system from flying apart and binds together enormous clusters of galaxies.
If gravity anomaly reveals the density, it should be proportional to vertical gradient of gravity.
Gravity speed test raises some relativistic eyebrows.
Gravity plays a considerable part in the mechanism by which the individual perceives his body's position in space.
The point is that for some time the center of gravity for achievement has been shifting away from the topmost colleges.
Some politicians appear to recognize the gravity of the problem.
There is a moment of vertigo before the inner ear accommodates the artificial gravity of this inverted world.
If noise had gravity, the stadium would capsize in a second.
Gravity was uncongenial to her, and she made light even of grave things.
She killed the beasts in a series of gravity-defying martial-arts moves, then ran away.
But these arguments are not commensurate with the gravity of the situation.
The scientific method, pursued in this fashion, seemed unequal to the gravity of the task at hand.
The bad news is that it doesn't say anything about gravity or dark matter or dark energy.
He wanted respect for the laws of gravity, the physical properties of the basic elements.
Inevitably, though, he remained the center of gravity.
And your body's totally weightless, so you're not even feeling gravity because you're floating.
But if you were close enough to touch, you'd be entirely squished by the gravity.
Inflation moves everything apart faster than gravity could clump it.
The effects you'd feel would be indistinguishable from the experience of gravity.
So, the arrow of time is a subtle thing even before take gravity into account.
But in our universe, gravity makes it a lot more subtle.
The benefit of the vertical-axis design is that it lowers the turbine's center of gravity.
Most important of these is whether ordinary gravity attracts or repels antimatter.
In other words, a body's internal structure should influence the way it falls under gravity, but only by a tiny amount.
In fact, it could have begun far from that because reverse gravity would cause the universe to move toward critical density.
Unlike reverse-osmosis systems, which require pumps to push water through a membrane, it would be driven by gravity.
One version of the microscope uses gravity to control the flow of the sample across the apertures.
So any demonstration must also successfully transfer the fuel to a docked spacecraft in a zero-gravity environment.
Preferably at a modest fraction of a g, eg moon gravity equivalent.
He seems to have been the center of gravity, the dour and meticulous ringleader.
Husbands and doctors frequently fail to appreciate the gravity of the illness.
And that monastic reserve pervaded his presentation, lending gravity and dignity to even the simplest gestures.
They do have a pretty high regard for the gravity of what they are doing.

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