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Only the gravitational pull of these galaxies' unseen halos of dark matter holds those stars in.
Approaching next year the galactic gravitational pull will again reach a cycle of many thousands of years.
The bars are thought to be the product of gravitational density waves that pull gases in toward the galaxy's center.
Here's a guide to their gravitational pull for fall and winter.
According to their theoretical work, a change in the gravitational potential should also influence the rate of matter swapping.
For this activity, they are looking at the gravitational interaction.
As mysterious as dark energy and dark matter, dark flow may be the gravitational pull of other universes.
It took five decades to develop the technologies to build gyroscopes sensitive enough to see gravitational effects.
Despite its reduced scope, the hypertext dream still possessed a powerful gravitational field.
He believes the gravitational tugs of the moon, sun, and other planets can influence earthquake activity.
The researchers examined the interplanetary gravitational pull found there.
The prospector also explored the moon's gravitational field and remapped its surface.
The gas giant planet's strong gravitational pull scatters dust off these comets, according to the study.
They orbit in a perpetual deep freeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance.
The darn thing is so dense that it exerts a gravitational pull so strong that not even light can escape.
The mysterious substance may not be needed, according to a new theory of gravitational interactions between matter and antimatter.
He doesn't exert any sort of gravitational pull on his party.
Somewhere, there was a sort of temperamental dark matter exerting an invisible gravitational pull of its own.
Between the gravitational basin of one celestial body and another lies a fuzzy, chaotic boundary.
The density of matter can be inferred from its regional gravitational effects on light and on the evolution of galaxies.
We do know about the gravitational lensing effect though.
It's usually caused by a gravitational torque, an off-center tug, from a nearby galaxy.
At the singularity the density becomes infinite and the gravitational field become infinite.
Predicts a slight red tilt for density perturbations, but a slight blue tilt for gravitational waves.
Various kinds of gravitational instability might do the job, but this is getting uncomfortably close to how stars form.
Add gravitational binding energy plus a soup├žon more to exceed escape velocity.
Putting them together barely nudges the gravitational needle.
Dark matter has never been directly detected, but its presence is felt through its gravitational pull on normal matter.
Pitted against this relentless push is the gravitational pull from the rest of the matter and energy in the universe.
The gravitational pull of these white dwarfs can attract nearby asteroids that then get pulverized.
Unless the gravitational curvature is extreme, the effect would be negligible.
We currently have not detected, explicitly, gravitational waves.

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