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His bare principle of the laws of gravitation accounts for all the apparent inequalities in the course of the celestial globes.
On the one side there is the law of gravitation, and on the other the contemplation of the beauty of holiness.
Physicists make no attempt to explain why things obey the law of electromagnetism or of gravitation.
These defunct stars have collapsed in on themselves, and as they get denser, their gravitation pull increases.
He may have suspected the inverse square nature of gravitation, but he could not prove it mathematically.
Unfortunately no theory explains a physical process that produces the effect of gravitation.
They are easily divided into component parts by means of new technology from the action of gravitation.
The remaining of the universe is unobservable by radiation but hits gravitation field fills our part of the universe.
From the point of view of energy it is a receipt of higher, clean hydrogen fuel due to breaking up of molecules a gravitation.
Gravitation torque on the moon's slightly out of round shape is believed to hold it in autorotation.
Gravitation is the difference in gravitons absorption between two bodies.
His research interests include theoretical aspects of cosmology, field theory, and gravitation.
Spontaneous symmetry breaking is selective for weak interactions, and gravitation is the weakest interaction of all.
The group theoretic structure of gravitation fails to obey this sort of closure.
On the one side there is the law of gravitation, and on the other the contemplation of the beauty of holiness.
Neutrinos are governed by weak interactions and gravitation.
If you can't see that evolution is about as established a theory as say, gravitation or aerodynamics, then you can't see it.

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