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Example sentences for gratuity

Some restaurants do not highlight the included gratuity when charged.
Many restaurants add a gratuity to the bill for parties of six or more.
If you don't notice the gratuity envelope on your table, you'll be reminded.
Visitors are expected to provide the wardens with a substantial gratuity in addition to the park fee.
Prices below do not include tax, gratuity or any special drinks and coffees.
Once you get there, you don't have to spend another penny beyond gratuity.
He never took a fee, but pleaded all causes without any gratuity.
Trumbull realized one thousand dollars, and a gratuity of one hundred copies of the work.
Carefully examine your bill before paying because in some cases, gratuity may have been included.
Do not leave the gratuity on a pillow or desk unless the hotel provides explicit envelopes for them.
People often pay movers a gratuity for a job well done.
Cost includes transportation, dinner, entertainment and gratuity.
In addition, the entire gratuity amount is now excludable from gross income under federal tax law.
Some inmates will be eligible for a release gratuity, clothing, or money for transportation to their release destination.

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The view from the Rocca (small gratuity) is finest at sunset.... more
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