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Wash, trim and grate zucchini, using grating blade of food processor.
Wash, trim and grate the zucchini, using the grating blade of a food processor.
However the level at which adjuncts are paid for these duties is the grating condition.
Germans found his personality grating and his obsession with tax cuts off-putting.
Some of the raps are indeed angry and misogynistic, so grating that you have to close the book for a while.
Here are some music suggestions that the whole family can enjoy without any teeth grating by the parents.
It's so grating that the residents want to change the name.
But what's really grating is that they're not allowed to explain why the company is still worth watching.
TiVo acolytes won't mind, but others might find its rough edges a little grating.
He let it out in one big rush, followed by a few mildly grating coughs.
The easiest way to shred your cabbage is with a food processor's grating attachment.
Turbo's lag may jostle your latte, and its ever-present whine is grating.
Some people feel a grating sensation when the joint is used.
It's a denser rush than the band's previous albums, which have emphasized grating vocals.
Song: a long series of squeaky warbling phrases, interspersed with a nasal grating rattle.
The unfairness of being good and not obtaining a job because one does not know the right people is grating on one's nerves.
Colloquialisms that would be charming once become grating and lazy when you meet them page after page.
It actually makes it difficult to focus on the content of the video, rather than the grating sound of her voice.
If you do not want to grate the entire cabbage, grating half of a cabbage should be enough.
On the top tier of cells you're looking down through a floor grating four or five stories.
For years, he has lived twenty-four hours a day with a loud, grating squeal in his ears.
But there is no award show convention more grating than fake humility-the winner who pretends to be shocked and unprepared.
First they etch a series of ridges and troughs, called a grating.
Season with mixed salt and pepper to which a generous grating of nutmeg has been added.
But toward evening there came the whirring of a swan's wings close by the grating-it was the youngest of her brothers.
He responded to questions vaguely but also with a false and grating modesty.
His plotting is full of funny, unpredictable moments but lacks the grating hysteria of the comic genre.
But all the yelling and screaming and woo-wooing becomes grating.
Professionals who win professionally, without the grating noise of me-first egotists.
Each campsite has a closed grating for fires, and campers must keep their fires within this area.
If you're on especially rough pavement, the noise can be grating.
Few things are more grating than a vain dullard trying to be cutesy and witty in a public forum.
All of the strings went through the chimney and attached to the anchored grating in the fireplace.
The photoresist grating pattern is exposed with a flat-top beam holographic station.
Coordinate installation of anchorages for gratings, grating frames, and supports.
Where grating terminates at a wall bolt frame to concrete or masonry with expansion bolts unless shown otherwise.

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