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Example sentences for gratifying

AS gratifying as it is to take pictures, there's one heavy price to be paid: you have to put them somewhere.
Besides gratifying players, the scores signal worthiness to other potential employers.
Hitting rock bottom is generally not a gratifying experience.
It's gratifying to see some scientific data on this.
Hundreds of people a day use it and whether you're donating or getting stuff you need it's a mutually gratifying experience.
The meet proved a gratifying success and the races were spiritedly contested.
Medical research can have big rewards-both in gratifying discoveries and in potentially turning them into profitable treatments.
There's even that crunching sound enemies make when you tear into them and perform horrifically gratifying execution moves.
To tell the truth, the discovery of this version of me was so gratifying that it swept away some of my self-distrust.
No doubt many doctors find it gratifying to see themselves as spiritual guides.
Teaching culture and literature is substantially more gratifying to most.
So the buildup of evidence and interest must be gratifying.
It is one of the more gratifying surprises of this stage of life.
Hillis's rolling-ball clocks have a gratifying elegance that is sort of a tactile onomatopoeia.
The purity and breadth of this meticulous study are all the more gratifying in view of its unprepossessing style.
It would be gratifying to report that the legal profession had been similarly moved.
Making new words is fun, and it's gratifying when they catch on with others.
The official record holder until recently, it's gratifying to note, was not a celebrity.
Finding my way since has been thrilling and immensely gratifying.
The payoffs are really gratifying without being offensive to your sense of reality.
It must be simultaneously gratifying and horrible to have all your kids in the family business.
Even more gratifying was a gold bracelet with a charm from the program's stagehands and crew members.
People don't always get what they deserve in this world, so it is gratifying to see when someone does.
Some who came were so unexpected, and their presence was really, really gratifying.
Working with people with developmental disabilities is gratifying work.

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