gratified in a sentence

Example sentences for gratified

Grant gratified a long-cherished desire by visiting this country.
Here you have a choice, depending on how distressed or gratified you would be if he or she were to leave.
He was both horrified and gratified by what his genie wrought.
We were gratified to find the shark population so healthy, having counted over a hundred of them on the reef.
My anarchic heart can't help but be gratified at these findings.
It is not likely that this desire will ever be gratified.
Sadly, this impulsive generosity will not be instantly gratified.
It would have gratified him to see his ideas so thoroughly tested and to see so many of them confirmed.
He said he was gratified by the success of the operation.
String theorists would be gratified by its discovery, but that would not prove their case.
Gratified, because the idea of inclusive fitness has enormous explanatory power, even for human behaviour.
He is extraordinarily gratified that he took the time to meet with him.
He said he was even gratified that he did not sell too many of his paintings over the last few years.
We were gratified to receive hundreds and hundreds of submissions from abroad.
We're gratified that our bills have received support from editorial boards across the state.

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