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It was not clear how far their demands would go for personalization, satisfaction, and instant gratification.
In general, students of this generation have been raised with routine instant gratification.
They found that the more education a villager had, the longer he was willing to delay gratification in return for a bigger reward.
Clearly, healthy, eating results in immediate gratification.
Primates can delay gratification to earn a bigger prize.
The reward of doing something so mundane is regularly dismissed in a culture where process is seen as a barrier to gratification.
They're suckers for the instant gratification of booze and drugs.
But when choosing in the present, they give up huge future benefits for immediate gratification.
If prehistoric humans got instant gratification from cooperating, he says, that may have aided group survival.
Scientists have long thought that delayed gratification requires a sense of self, but experiments with dogs show otherwise.
There's no equal for the instant gratification a glue gun brings.
Some students receive instant gratification and get a grant the first or second time they apply.
In the end gratification is what is required for businesses to prosper and continue.
At virtually no cost it provides convenience and connectivity but also novelty and gratification.
Some of my intro course teaching colleagues had to wait for delayed gratification.
SS and many pension plans have been raided for immediate gratification and greed among the ruling elite.
Teach students the importance of delaying gratification.
Of course it doesn't have the same instant gratification that granite countertops and a bonus room can provide.
Capitalism had destroyed the postponement of gratification.
Change agents often seek and feel pressured to produce immediate gratification.
Those who diligently prepare and delay gratification are at the top of the curve.
Champagne and sparkling wines are beloved for the immediate gratification that their heady bubbles and fresh fruit taste offer.
The convenience and instant gratification of renting is simply better.
The virtues of geraniums are solid, but part of their appeal lies in their immediate gratification.
We craved transformation, reinvention, instant gratification.
This, to him, was the gratification of travel in its highest form.
They are the ones who no longer know how to defer gratification and live within their means.
In our fast-paced, immediate gratification culture, eating out is a frequent experience for many.
Happiness today has been reduced to instant gratification.
Yet there are moments when the visible glint of gratification becomes unmistakable in the white teacher's eyes.
Past tests of the degree to which animals other than people can delay their gratification have focused on birds and monkeys.
Short stories, by contrast, rely on instant attraction and immediate gratification.
Gone are the days of instant self gratification, me now, country later.
Those looking to become healthier or more in shape want instant gratification.
Come on, for them it doesn't exist anymore in the age of immediate self gratification.
The willingness to make sacrifices for gratification delayed is in the blood.
We are moving from a society desirous of instant gratification to a society of instant anticipation.
Anyone who thinks and considers evidence above their immediate gratification.
There is no instant gratification with taking slides.
It's that kind of instant gratification that's in all other media now.
Credit lousy weather, delayed gratification, an improving economy or all three.
We have traded violence for materialism and self-gratification.
He contrasts the ideas of pleasure and a gratification.
SA has an article up on hippocampal atrophy for your entertainment and gratification.
All three of these reasons straddle the line of outreach, collaboration with peers and personal gratification.
But that is complicated to people that want instant gratification.
But the commercial imperative was bound to win in the end, people being so wedded to short-term gratification.
Needless to say, persuading movie-industry powers to delay gratification has been a slow turning.
No, a test of self-discipline, or the ability to delay gratification.
Our inquisitive disposition is excited by having its gratification deferred.
Our happiness in this world proceeds from the suppression of our desires, but in the next from the gratification.
The habitual state of the affections always lose by their gratification.
Little minds find gratification for their feelings, benevolent or otherwise, by a constant exercise of petty ingenuity.
After all, in real life one often delays gratification and then is disappointed.
Insist on upholding enduring values instead of giving in to instant gratification.
Responds to criticism of the uses and gratification model by proposing a modified model integrating the dependency perspective.
It fills us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses.

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