graphite in a sentence

Example sentences for graphite

White-coated workers supervise machines as they wind graphite tape around the mandrels.
At slower speeds they would have turned into graphite, much to the chagrin of brides-to-be everywhere.
White sketched in graphite pencil and colored with indigo, vermilion and ground gold and silver leaf, among other pigments.
His monochromatic work is executed with graphite sticks and gesso washes, merging drawing with painting.
Visitors are encouraged to make rubbings of names, using graphite pencils and commemorative paper supplied by park rangers.
The new fuel cell uses a unique arrangement of two graphite discs, each containing special enzymes and connected by platinum wire.
Its strength comes from six internal conductive graphite fiber bundles.
Place metal solvents and graphite in ceramic growth chamber.
Though these are heavier than tents with graphite or nylon poles, the aluminum poles are more resistant to splintering.
Then the system run out of control and caused hydrogen blast that broke the building and ignited the graphite causing a fire.
Demonstrations of drawing insects through a microscope, watercolor and graphite will be shown during the reception.
Molybdenite, a relatively inexpensive mineral of molybdenum disulfide, has a layered structure similar to that of raw graphite.
Not however higher than the melting point of graphite.
The current plan for fusion reactor design would use graphite shielding to absorb the stray neutrons.
When diamond is heated to extreme temperatures it physically changes, from diamond to graphite.
Otherwise they revert to graphite or they burn--probably the fate of many.
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