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Example sentences for graphically

Geo graphically our area is big and many suspicious things are there.
Keep your images simple-make them graphically strong and uncluttered.
Comfortable with understanding and synthesizing financial data, and to represent it graphically.
It graphically represents the group dynamic, and anyone who happens to notice what you are doing will be no doubt intrigued.
Your second graph graphically demonstrates the impact of science on life expectancy.
Interesting that abbr and acronym work but aren't graphically marked at all.
What was once a rhetorical flourish, a way of making a point more graphically, has become a baseline argument for the right.
Mind maps are another approach for graphically depicting how one thinks.
But, its charting features always have been graphically weak and capable of producing misleading results.
Lust is a great and inexhaustible literary subject, but writing graphically about what excites one isn't literature.
The device is connected to a computer that calculates impedance measurements and displays the results graphically.
But as the pyramidal arrangement graphically emphasizes, each element interacts with the others.
What one cannot do is accept the traditional biography and dismiss the events which it so clearly and graphically describes.
He can convey devious processes of thought as graphically as he can clown and dance.
It'll narrate you through exercises and practice sessions and graphically represent your progress.
Though the console pushes the envelope graphically, its first line of games isn't nearly as inventive.
Over the past four decades, its role in causing lung cancer has been all too graphically demonstrated.
The book tries to bridge such differences, both graphically and pedagogically.
But only recently could their misdeeds be graphically recorded.
Thinking graphically helps find these connections in the first place.
Graphically lovely data points presented, and often taken, as enough of a story to inform.
Most graphically, the oceans in their collapses are showing us that there are too many people.
Graphically, the difference between carriers is more stunning.
Though graphically violent in parts, it still manages to be enchanting.
Upon selecting one of the lines, color-coded introgression in all chromosomes of the line are displayed graphically.
Maps are usually graphically displayed on a flat surface, eg a sheet of paper or a monitor screen.
Once a station is selected, its data are displayed graphically on the screen, and the data can be exported for other applications.
Graphically illustrates time courses of functions and tasks.
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