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The grand jury indictment is graphic and troubling in its scope and detail.
In terms of conveying information, this is not an effective graphic.
Graphic organizers are useful tools for building knowledge and organizing information.
So be advised, some of the images are graphic depictions of medical conditions.
Click on the graphic to see what you can expect from climate change.
Simple to make and surprisingly durable, painted canvas used as a floor mat adds graphic punch to a room.
Don't click through this graphic video if you're at work.
Due to graphic content, parental discretion is advised.
It cries loudly, moans, and sheds graphic little tears.
After all, rebelliousness can be the stuff of creativity in filmmaking, graphic art and design.
He says he created it as part of an application for a graphic design job on a newspaper.
If you wanted, you could also look at an interactive graphic that actually showed what happened in detail.
My brother, the graphic designer, accused me of being visually illiterate.
Also gone is the gear-wheel graphic illustration that served as a logo of sorts.
She is known for her complex abstractions, which incorporate graphic elements borrowed from architecture and calligraphy.
The story included a nifty graphic to help you compare the milk choices side by side.
If actual photos of subways aren't your thing, there's always graphic design about subways.
We have already seen what is little bit of graphic empowerment does for media.
Poetry was slower than the graphic arts to feel the oriental influence, because of the barrier of language.
Graphic designers were commissioned to create graphic auras that suggested exclusivity through various tropes and conceits.
Look at the graphic organizer your teacher gave you.
We are currently living through a graphic demonstration of the volatility of an economic system dominated by financial markets.
The insular scene around him had many competing pretenders to graphic flair, but few to radical innovation.
Poetry has in part been replaced in the popular culture by graphic art.
And the blogosphere has made instant, graphic gossip even more instantaneous and graphic.
They amount to oracular experiments in graphic semiotics.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
The scale of the paintings is indifferent, in the way of graphic art.
Unfortunately, his style calcified into tricky panoplies of stock modernistic forms, more suited to punchy graphic art.
Instead, he developed his own unique graphic vocabulary.
Her costumes are so graphic, and multilayered, and strong-same as her character.
But the logo was the closest the magazine got to serious graphic design.
Congratulations for bringing together the dose levels to which people are exposed to in a telling graphic.
In the graphic at the top, you can see the plane where those virtual images appear.
For that matter, the graphic shown above doesn't show water, it shows silicon oil.
The dogma of some graphic designers is that their work be invisible.
The site is plastered with graphic banner ads for online matchmaking services.
She had the patient look at a graphic on her clipboard as he answered.
The crew enjoyed the graphic and asked for some reprints.

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