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Each one is tracked by a satellite frequency, its progress displayed by a colored graph on his computer monitor.
The graph is a collection of dots, or vertices, connected by lines.
This graph at first seems pretty silly to me, but then it is very useful in presenting the data.
Mind you, please be skeptical of this graph.
You can't draw a straight-line graph that connects a cellphone, app phone and laptop; you'd need a triangle.
If you were to view this as a graph, you would see that half the boys score higher than 492, but only 5% of the girls do.
Actually, the entire graph is linear, that's why they call it a 'line' graph.
He included a graph with his journal article.
He drew it up on graph paper that night.
That the process is essentially one of exponential increase is most easily shown on a graph.
Using graph paper, have the student construction teams draw plans for their new town.
Create a line graph to compare how quickly each glove lost heat.
If your product or service isn't particularly photogenic, use a chart or graph that illustrates benefits or cost savings.
Were you to graph these figures, you'd get a curve that sloped sharply at first, then tapered off.
Present your findings in some type of graph or other display.
Take a piece of white graph paper that has been cross-hatched into little squares.
The results of the experiment, visualized using network graph software, are seen above.
Explore the exponential growth in processor power over the last four decades with this interactive graph.
They used this data to create a graph that revealed six distinct patterns.
If a picture is available, it appears, as does a bar graph showing the times of day when the sender has e-mailed the user.
It is a well known mathematical fact that a function and its graph are precisely the same thing.
These boundaries on the graph define the flight envelope.
He didn't get farther than creating level maps on graph paper.
She selects a report from the list and a graph appears showing the sound's waveform.
How can you compare these rates if you don't have a graph.
To visualize this, imagine that you're writing on a huge sheet of graph paper.
The first graph shows the difference between budget projections and budget reality.
In modern textbooks this notion is often explained with a graph.
But as the graph below shows, there were vast variations between education levels.
Here's a graph that shows long-term unemployment's share of total joblessness since the recession began.
The above graph shows separations, hires, and the unemployment rate.
He wanted to combine art with the social graph on a tablet.
The above graph offered a good opportunity to jump to conclusions.
When he encounters a graph, map or other such figure, the pins rise when the mouse is on a line.
If a simple polynomial is plotted out on a graph it forms a line.
The graph looks the same if you use per capita income and gold as the price deflator.
The left graph shows the spread of the implied interest in dollar swap over that of the euro swap.
The right graph shows swap volumes in the two currencies.
Note again, that is not oil production in the graph.
The graph does make a mistake in labeling the four lines with different terms but it does include all the data.
The graph claims to measure the proportion of homeowners, not borrowers, who have negative equity and near-zero equity.
On the other hand, this graph clearly presents transparency or the lack there of, in some developed countries.
The graph might be more valuable if it showed oil consumption per unit of economic activity.
Plotted on a graph, the speed of a procrastinator's work is a straight line, rising as the deadline gets closer.
That's actually not a smoothed out graph in excel, the rather continuous form is simply an artifact of the human eye's perception.
But when the researchers plotted the data on a graph, it didn't quite conform to their predictions.
But let's say you shift to a different geometry: a graph with radial, or circular, coordinates.
After a while, the experimenter noticed that the theoretician was holding the graph upside down.
The admission of a slightly variable sea level would not seem to me to produce the smooth graph displayed.
The graph showing improvements in speed over the years is misleading.
If you stand on your head that graph shows that the globe is cooling.
To evaluate, simply plot both global temperature and global gas concentration on the same graph.
Such a tiny smoothing or graph starting point turns the data on its head.
The problem was that the graph went down instead of up.
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The following graph shows the number of markets at each update.
The lines in the graph indicate whether the data value rises or falls during the time period.
The graph on the left is a regular bar graph with one group of data.
The center graph has two groups of data that are stacked.
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